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ARE YOU CONSIDERING BUSINESS OWNERSHIP? If you are at a turning point in your career and exploring your options, I’d like to help. Whether you’ve been down-sized, feel disengaged or …



If you are at a turning point in your career and exploring your options, I'd like to help.

Whether you’ve been down-sized, feel disengaged or need additional income, business ownership is a proven vehicle for reaching larger personal, professional and financial goals, such as:

  • Fulfilling work at 50+
  • Autonomy, mastery and purpose
  • Semi- and phased-retirement
  • Financial freedom and investment diversification
  • Controlling your own destiny; Building a legacy

Thanks to FranNet’s 30-year track record of successfully matching people to business ownership, I can connect you to selected, vetted business opportunities. Together, we will create your ideal business model and then identify which businesses are your best fit.

Eighty-five percent of FranNet-assisted clients are still in business after five years, and 15% of them become Top Performers. Together, we’ll make sure you are making a safe, wise, and well-informed decision for your personal and financial future.

I'm just a phone call away. If you think business ownership might be right for you, let's talk!

Another option: Fill out your PFA to learn if business ownership is right for you.


A native Oregonian, Emily is passionate about empowering others to live fulfilling and financially rewarding lives.

She received her B.A. in Communications from Santa Clara University, ranked #2 in Regional Universities by U.S. News & World Report, and pursued graduate studies at San Jose State University. She is a proud recipient of McCarthy Award and has been featured on:

  • “Encore Careers: Working After 50”
  • “Better, Smarter, Richer: Encore, Creative and Solo Entrepreneurs”
  • “Retire? Baby Boomers Can’t, or Won’t. Instead, They’re Buying Franchises”
  • “Second Half Now: Collaborative Community for Boomers and Beyonders”

Emily currently lives with her family in Central Oregon, and enjoys the same freedom and flexibility that she helps others achieve through business ownership.

  • Empowerment through Business Ownership (WEBINAR)

    This franchise is in the second decade of operation and is looking to begin an aggressive expansion campaign. Situated in the health and wellness category, this brand is anything but …View Event
  • How to Fund Your Business (APRIL WEBINAR)

    Learn How to Fund Your Business Start-up or Your Purchase of an Existing Business or Franchise! If you have been wondering how you will fund your new business venture, simply reserve …View Event
  • Explore Business Ownership Options (WEBINAR)

    Quit wondering, “Am I cut out to be a business owner?” Start your discovery with this webinar! FranNet can help introduce you to what may turn out to be your true …View Event
  • Shape the Future with this Franchise (WEBINAR)

    The education and preparation for the next generation of our society will always be an important matter of discussion for every family. And this franchise business model is uniquely positioned …View Event

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