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WELCOME I joined FranNet for the same reason that I became a lawyer – it is extremely rewarding to help people achieve their business and personal goals. Most people would …



I joined FranNet for the same reason that I became a lawyer - it is extremely rewarding to help people achieve their business and personal goals. Most people would love to have their own business but fear they might not be successful. I can tell you about the pros and cons of buying a franchised business – a tried and true business concept – and help you choose among the 3,000+ franchised businesses in existence to find the ones that best fit your skills, budget, personal needs and financial goals. If you are looking for franchise opportunities in Washington DC or franchises for sale in Northern Virginia then call me for a free consultation. I can help you work toward your goal of becoming a business owner or if you own a business, expand your holdings through a franchise purchase.

If you are interested in owning a business in Northern VA or Washington DC, please keep in mind that franchise ownership, while not for everyone, has many advantages over traditional start-ups, such as having access to proven successful marketing strategies, business plans, and industry-specific human and informational resources right from the very start. Feel free to contact me anytime to learn more about exciting franchise opportunities. Do you have what it takes to transform your life in the next 90 days by becoming a successful business owner? Let's talk franchise.


Heather is the President of FranNet of Virginia, part of a leading franchise advisory and development services firm with over 50 offices worldwide. She is also an attorney who previously advised small and medium sized businesses including sole proprietors on contractual matters, mergers and acquisitions, litigation strategy, corporate structure, bankruptcy matters, and real estate acquisitions and refinancings. In 2001, Heather became an in-house consultant to large, international law firms based in Washington, DC, advising partners and firm management on strategic planning, client targeting, marketing budget allocation, and proposal writing.

Heather left the legal services industry in 2009 to open FranNet of Virginia, extending FranNet’s reach and expanding her family’s 15 year old franchise consulting business.

As a franchise consultant for FranNet, Heather works with clients in Northern, Central and Western Virginia and Washington, DC. She also conducts franchise educational seminars throughout the region. Seminars are conducted in partnership with career transition agencies, Small Business Development Centers, SCORE offices, the US military, and federal, state and county government agencies. Heather is a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and the Temple University Beasley School of Law.

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Franchise Ownership 101

Starting a business through a franchise is often the shortest path to profitability, and some of them require as little as $50K to start and simply operate out of a home office – there is no food and no retail space to rent. But how do you find the good ones and not pay too much (or too little) for your business? Learn everything from how to find the right franchise for you, to which state and local regulations you must be aware of before signing a franchise agreement, to which franchises do well (and don’t do well) in our region. We will also cover funding options.

Franchise Ownership as a “Retirement Job”: How to Open a “Lifestyle” Business In Florida

Have you ever wondered whether it would be possible to move to your dream house by the water or in the mountains now…while you’re still in your income earning years? Every year, people leave their big corporate jobs and move to the places where they have always wanted to live. Why wait until retirement when it may be possible to start a business in your favorite part of the world and draw a good salary in a short amount of time through a proven franchise? Some franchises offer flexible or even part-time schedules so you can have more of a life outside of work. We call these “lifestyle businesses”, and this month, we will focus on lifestyle businesses in Florida!


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