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Are you looking for profitable franchise opportunities in Long Island? Let Stuart Levenberg help. 

Stuart is an educated and experienced franchise consultant who proudly serves the Long Island New York area. Every day he helps match entrepreneurs like you with your business opportunity. As a trained consultant, working with only stable and qualified franchises, Stuart will take you through the process of buying your business, step-by-step. 

There are a lot of franchises for sale in Long Island so there is a process in place that makes sure you get exactly what you need…

First he will meet with you to understand your goals, both short and long-term. But goals are not just finance related. Part of the process involves finding out what you are passionate about and what you will be happy doing for the next few or many years.

Then he will help you identify the franchise business opportunity that best matches your goals. Again, a big part of this is matching your wants and needs with the career in ownership that will not only keep you satisfied, but genuinely happy. 

Once all of the preliminary research is complete, the exciting part begins! 

Now you get to really dig in and learn about the industries and particular brands that interest you most. This is where the real fun begins and the dream starts to become reality. In short order you’ll see that franchise businesses come with a great deal of support already built it. This makes opening your very own fresh new business as turn-key as it gets. 

In fact, most franchise organizations provide the new franchisees with site location assistance, detailed marketing plans, expertly crafted sales and marketing collateral, permitting assistance, mentoring and a lot of great business advice. Of course, it doesn’t stop there. Once a franchisee has completed setup the ongoing support begins. And, as you probably already know, the brand is central to the success of the franchise so the franchisor (aka Corporate) is going to do everything in its power to help you succeed. 

There are few places on earth more suited to opening your own franchise business than right here in Long Island, so please don’t hesitate to call Stuart at 516-626-2211 or send him an email via You’ll be glad you did.

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