Another Entrepreneurial Journey: Meet Ryan Mann & Olga Torbello

With the assistance of Diana Trondsen, Market President and Franchise Consultant for FranNet of Houston, Ryan Mann and his fiancé, Olga Torbello are making their entrepreneurial dream come true—owning a business of their own. The couple is ready to share their franchise ownership journey as new Area Representatives and franchise owners of FYZICAL, a holistic physical therapy and balance clinic. Below, in his own words, Ryan shares the tale of their journey with FranNet.

Ryan Mann Fyzical


“Olga and I are both veterans of the oil and gas industry, which is how we met, and we’re getting married later this year. We’re both geoscientists and our careers in the energy industry took us around the world, working for some of the leading private and state-run oil companies. We both advanced into senior leadership roles and enjoyed what we did for a living. But, as many people know, the oil industry can be a volatile employment environment.”

On Becoming an Entrepreneur

“Strangely enough, we both grew up the children of entrepreneurial parents. My family owns a plumbing contracting company and Olga’s parents ran a trucking company in her home country of Venezuela. I guess you could say we both have always had that entrepreneurial itch. Ultimately, when you’re working a corporate job, it almost feels like you’re leasing or renting yourself, whereas owning your own business feels like you’re building equity for your efforts. Timing-wise, I became a Covid employment casualty when my employer downsized their workforce last year. It wasn’t long afterward that I attended a SCORE meeting and met Diana Trondsen of FranNet of Houston.”

Why Franchising?

“The proven business model of franchises was key for both of us. I think we’re both humble enough to admit that we don’t know everything there is to know about running a business. We also did our research and noted that franchises had a better statistical chance of success than other avenues for business ownership. Lastly, we were looking to get our business up and running sooner rather than later.”

“When we met with Diana, we looked at over 40 different franchise concepts. But we had our own criteria to vet the choices. We wanted a franchise that provided extensive training and support—something that felt like a family. We wanted the business to have a positive impact on people’s lives. We preferred a business model that had at least a 20% profit margin, and whose concept was established, but still growing. FYZICAL ended up checking all the boxes for us.

What it Was Like Getting Started

“Olga and I decided that if we’re going to go all-in with FYZICAL, we needed to become the Area Representatives in Houston. It’s more than just owning a franchise of your own, we’re also tasked with recruiting other franchisees into the system. A huge plus for us is that, beginning last year FYZICAL began recruiting owners beyond the physical therapy side and have expanded into the investor side of things. The brand is looking for owners with business experience, which doubles our outreach potential. We really believe in the concept and found FYZICAL’s corporate to be thorough in their support, commitment to the process, and it’s clear they have a passion for changing lives.”

How FranNet Helped

“Diana was very instrumental in helping us find the right business opportunity in FYZICAL. She went over the concepts, was never biased or pushy, and in the end, it felt like she was interviewing us to ensure the right fit. We also appreciate how she has remained in touch with us. Last year, she launched a network of new franchise owners and former clients here in Houston and it’s great to meet with the other entrepreneurs and hear a new featured speaker each month.”

Where Do You Stand?

“At the moment, we’re in the midst of our site selection process and have narrowed it down to three locations here in Houston. It’s such an exciting time for us both. We’re committed to growing the FYZICAL brand throughout Houston, which we believe is a very fertile market for the unique services they provide in the world of holistic physical therapy. We’re both on track to make 2022 the best year yet.”

For more information, please visit FYZICAL on the internet.

Feb 1, 2022