How to Get Involved with the Startup Community in DFW


If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and happen to be interested in an entrepreneurial future, we’ve got some good news for you. You’re not alone – not by a long shot. North Texas is literally teeming with resources, interest groups, and startup development organizations where you can find plenty of like-minded individuals. At FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma, we specialize in consulting for franchise ownership opportunities – the majority of which are considered small businesses. But there are still lots of similarities in launching a new business, whether you go the franchising route or not.



In order to put together a list of helpful resources and links, we recently did a little bit of research on your behalf. Please take a look at the organizations we’ve listed below and see if you can find the help you need to get your entrepreneurial future on track.


Small Business Development Centers (SBDC)

FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma has collaborated with the North Texas Small Business Development Center (SBDC) in the past. We’ve conducted onsite seminars and webinars that speak to the advantages of franchising your way to business ownership. But the SBDC has much more to offer those who are considering business ownership or career transitions. You can get free assistance with business plan development, discover different funding options, attend training and education classes, learn the ins and outs of licensing and permitting, and find out about market research demographics specific to our region. Visit the North Texas SBDC by following this link.


Startup Grind

In a partnership with Google for Startups, Startup Grind is one of the largest independent startup communities for educating, inspiring, and connecting with other entrepreneurs. Startup Grind’s key attributes are the monthly meetups, where you can hear from some of North Texas’s most influential business leaders, innovators, and even investors – all of whom are willing to share their experience and expertise with entrepreneurial-minded individuals. Follow this link to the Startup Grind website, where you can sign up for a free account and review a list of upcoming events.


The DEC Network

The Dallas Entrepreneur Center (DEC) Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building synergies and driving economic growth in North Texas through a network of innovation hubs. Much like the previous two examples above, the DEC Network offers knowledgeable mentors and access to a robust community of small business enthusiasts. Since its founding a decade ago, the DEC Network has helped countless North Texans launch new ventures in an encouraging atmosphere. Follow this link to the DEC Network site, where you can review a list of signature and community-based events. One final note, the DEC’s Dallas Startup Week is an annual event that you don’t want to miss. This year, it takes place Sep. 10-14, 2023. Circle your calendars now!


DFW Women’s Business Center

It’s still March, which means Women’s History Month, so we thought we’d include one resource that caters exclusively to women and minorities – the Dallas-Fort Worth Women’s Business Center. Founded in 2018, the DFW WBC offers consulting and training for female entrepreneur candidates. Just like the SBDC, this organization operates in partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) – a vital outlet for specific kinds of franchise funding – just ask us how!


If you’re planning for an entrepreneurial future, the aforementioned resources can be a great place for you to network, but we also wanted to remind you of the no-cost, no-obligation consulting services you can receive from us – FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma. We can give you a turnkey education on franchising and help navigate you to a business opportunity that aligns with your key strengths, lifestyle, and income-generating capabilities. We, too, host regular webinar and seminar events, as well as our insightful podcast series, the Unpredicted Entrepreneur. Give us a listen and you’ll hear from many others who have been in your shoes, but now own and operate a business of their own.


Let’s Chat!

If you’d like to know more about franchise opportunities and ownership, please get in touch. FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma is uniquely qualified to match your potential with the possibilities that come from small business ownership through franchising. All you have to do is allow us to be your guide. Our no-cost, no-obligation consultations have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in North Texas and Oklahoma secure a future that belongs to them and them alone. If you’d like to get started on your own entrepreneurial journey, we’d love to introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities through franchise ownership.

Mar 28, 2023