Why are More Than Half of All Workers Looking for Change?

“The only constant in life is change.” The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that, meaning that the passing of time always brings changes to our lives in many different ways. Were he living in modern times, he’d probably have more than a passing interest in an alarming new survey from Bankrate.com. A year ago, FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma provided a running commentary on the Great Resignation, which began in April of 2021 and continued throughout the rest of the year at the same furious pace. But what this new survey reveals is nonetheless surprising – more than half of all workers (some 56%) shared that they intend to look for a new opportunity in the next 12 months.



What’s even more interesting is the percentage of workers, 42% to be exact, who revealed that they intend to find a new opportunity that offers more flexibility, different hours, or the ability to work from home more often. Sound familiar? It should, as these are three key benefits that can easily be attained through franchise ownership. So, if you identify with the 56% of workers who want something different, and the 42% that want more control over their lives, let’s look at what franchising could do for you.


Additional Survey Insights

The Bankrate.com survey, which was conducted back in March, involved those who have expressed an interest in seeking new employment opportunities. Here are some additional findings you may be interested in knowing – of those looking for a change, a third said they’re likely to quit altogether. A quarter admitted they’d relocate for the right opportunity. And the younger the respondent, the higher the interest in finding a better work-life balance.


Outside Factors to Consider

Though the economy as a whole continues to do well, with unemployment rates still hovering at record lows, there is still plenty of anxiety to go around. Interest rates, though falling, continue to erode household budgets. The Fed’s aggressive rate hikes and lower-than-expected earnings reports have triggered corporate layoffs. And there is widespread belief that the recession, predicted for the past 18 months, may be just around the corner – just waiting for the other shoe to drop. When you’re working for others, you have a right to be concerned. However, if you were your own boss…


What Franchising Can Do for You

If you identify with the survey respondents and have considered a career transition of your own, franchising could be the answer to reclaiming your life as your own. It offers freedom, flexibility, and a means to follow your passion. With thousands of concepts on the market today, there’s a perfect match out there in a business opportunity that aligns with your personal goals, lifestyle, and income-generating capabilities.


When it comes to making a change, getting started is probably easier than you’d imagine. Especially if you enlist the help of FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma, who can provide you with an education on how franchising works, specific business models that match up with your interests, and an introduction to the key contacts who can get you from Point A to Point B…and beyond. We’re fast approaching the middle of 2023, but there’s still plenty of time to discover a whole new you.


And if the results of this survey are accurate, you’re clearly not alone.


Let’s Chat!

If you’d like to know more about franchise opportunities and ownership, please get in touch. FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma is uniquely qualified to match your potential with the possibilities that come from small business ownership through franchising. All you have to do is allow us to be your guide. Our no-cost, no-obligation consultations have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in North Texas and Oklahoma secure a future that belongs to them and them alone. If you’d like to get started on your own entrepreneurial journey, we’d love to introduce you to a whole new world of possibilities through franchise ownership.

May 2, 2023