National Boss Day is October 16. Ready to Celebrate Yourself?

For those of you who may be unaware, there’s an important holiday coming up. National Boss’s Day is Sunday, Oct. 16, an occasion that’s been celebrated since its inception back in 1962. Quick sidenote: because this year it falls on a weekend, the actual celebration occurs on the following Monday, but you get the point. What is National Boss’s Day? It’s a day set aside to show your appreciation for your boss, especially the ways they inspire and support you. Heck, simply remembering the occasion could go a long way towards enhancing the dynamic between you and your boss, but FranNet of California is here to pose a strategic question to you…


Are you ready to celebrate yourself? Because if you have entrepreneurial aspirations, Oct. 16 should be a day in which you, as the owner of your own business, receive the accolades on National Boss’s Day. And the most advantageous way to reach this goal is to explore the possibilities of franchise ownership. In this week’s FranNet of California blog edition, we explain why.


Advantage? Franchise Ownership

As we’ve shared in this space many times before, there is more than one way to become your own boss. But time and again, using franchising as the vehicle for establishing business ownership is by far the easiest – and most advantageous. When you decide to explore franchise ownership, you won’t be starting from scratch. There are no operations to set up, no parameters to establish, and no systems to design and implement. Franchises provide all of this – and more – through their effective and proven business models. After all, why reinvent the wheel when it’s already been refined many times over?


7 Easy Steps Away

If you’d like to explore franchise ownership, FranNet of California is your no-cost, no-obligation resource that can act as your personal navigator for the process, comprised of seven easy steps. As qualified consultants, we provide an education on what franchising is, and why you should choose this route to become your own boss. As we progress through the process together, we’ll determine what business models and concepts match up well with your strengths. We introduce them to you and assist you in reviewing them, then make introductions for the models that interest you. Moving on, you’ll meet existing franchisees to discuss what it’s like to own the business. We assist you in reviewing the franchise disclosure document and franchise agreement before you’ll make a decision about meeting with corporate for a Discovery Day. Last step? Decision time! We can offer advice, but in the end, it’s your call.

What You Stand to Gain

When you become your own boss, all of your time, energy, and resources benefit you – not someone else. You’ll also gain a valuable partner, as franchisors make sure that while you’re in business for yourself, you’re never by yourself. The majority of franchise concepts, and there are thousands, don’t require prior industry experience – because the franchisor makes sure you’re well trained, as well as supported. Everyone’s entrepreneurial journey is different but ends with the same result – business ownership of your own.


We hope this year, if you are currently working for a boss of your own, that you’re happy with your relationship and situation. As we all know, many times that’s not the case. But what FranNet of California would like to impress upon you is simple. We want it to be you who is celebrated the next time National Boss’s Day rolls around.


Let’s Chat!

If you’d like to review your options for franchise ownership, we’d love to be your guide and navigator. Meetings with FranNet of California are always no-cost and no-obligation to you. Our role and function is to be your guide, allowing you to make your own informed decisions on the direction you want to go. Over time, we’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs in California who ended up owning the business of their dreams – and we can do the same for you. Getting started with FranNet of California is easy, and you can book an introductory session with us by following this link.

Oct 13, 2022