The Latest from Our Podcast: The “Unpredicted Entrepreneur”

It’s been a while since FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma spoke about the success of our very own podcast, the “Unpredicted Entrepreneur.” Hosted by owners Sara Waskow and Roxanne Rapske, this engaging show brings you entrepreneurial success stories straight from the front lines. The goal in mind is to provide our listeners and fans with an education on the value of franchising your way to business ownership. We’ve had the pleasure of hosting many of our previous clients on the podcast and the beauty of these appearances is that no two stories are exactly alike! Everyone has a unique story to share about how they, themselves, became unpredicted entrepreneurs.

We named the show “Unpredicted Entrepreneur” simply because it’s quite common for many of our clients – and others – to have ended up business owners without specifically intending to do so. And guess what? That goes for both of the hosts, as Sara and Roxanne have both shared their own personal journeys of how we got here. If you haven’t heard of our podcast, or it’s been a while since you last checked in with us, here are some recent highlights we wanted to share with our audience…

A Sturdy Thirty

We’re proud to share the news that “Unpredicted Entrepreneur” has reached 30 full episodes, making this milestone our sturdy thirty achievement. We’re thankful for the many entrepreneurs and industry professionals who have come on our show and shared their stories with our listeners. We aim for concise 30-minute episodes, so to date we’ve produced about 15 hours of entertainment since the show’s launch. The next milestone is 50 episodes, which will certainly be a golden anniversary of its own!

Episode 21 – Franchise Trends

A few weeks back, we dedicated an entire episode to franchise trends. We’d just come back from an in-person trade show – the first one in over two years following the virtual conventions conducted during the pandemic. What did we find out? Lots! We learned about several up-and-coming industries using franchising to expand their business operations. Gutters – both cleaning and installation, pet waste removal (as nice as we can state it), and retail mattress sales are three examples that stood out. Another highlight? Private equity firms are moving into the franchising industry, buying up concepts to build their own business model portfolio.

Episode 25 – Bill Bolton

In Episode 25, we welcomed a special guest to “Unpredicted Entrepreneur” – Bill Bolton. We hosted Bill because he’s quite typical of our clients. He didn’t start out as the owner of his own business, but rather found his way there after decades of experience in various industries. He reached a seminal moment in his career during the pandemic – even after leading three different companies at the CEO level. Bill made an informed decision to investigate franchising, in search of a better balance for his work-life situation. He took the measured steps to investigate many different concepts, but if you’d like to know where he ended up, you’ll have to watch!

We invite you to view our full episode guide and see if you can find an episode or two that appeals directly to your situation. These 30-minute visits are always concise and to the point – we don’t beat around the bush on the “Unpredicted Entrepreneur.” If you’re looking for a little bit of motivation to help you launch an entrepreneurial journey of your own, our podcast can be very reassuring – trust us! The official website address is The “Unpredicted Entrepreneur” can be seen and heard on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Happy Viewing!

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Sep 27, 2022