Upcoming FranNet Webinar: How to Fund Your Business in Today’s Lending Environment

Many entrepreneurs are hungry to start a business of their own but are still hesitant to take that all-important first step. But it isn’t a lack of ambition that’s causing the apprehension. A good deal of candidates are procrastinating simply because they’re unsure of how they’ll fund the purchase of a franchise. We’re here to inform you that a majority of franchise candidates aren’t coming to the table with a nest egg of the required funds.

Much like any other major purchase such as a home or automobile, the majority of candidates are looking to finance their way to business ownership.

For this reason, FranNet is here to remind you that we’re hosting a national webinar on this very topic. Circle your calendars for Monday, June 21 at 11:00 a.m. CDT for the live 30-minute online event, “How to Fund Your Business in Today’s Lending Environment”.

The webinar is free and pre-registration is required—which can be accomplished by following this link. If you’re unable to make this particular webinar’s time and date, go ahead and register anyway. We’ll send you a link to the full presentation—which you can then view at a convenient time of your own.

FranNet’s premier funding partner will be on hand to guide the discussion and reveal the many different ways that franchisee candidates can get access to capital—including a few innovative ways you may not have previously known about.

Don’t let the “fear of funding” get in the way of your progress to become your own boss. Instead, get the confidence you need by becoming informed on the numerous options for funding the purchase of a franchise you can call your own.

Once you’re secure in knowing how you’ll secure funding, you can finally take that step you’ve been putting off—getting in touch with a FranNet representative to discover the perfect match for your business ownership opportunity.

Don’t delay—register today!

Jun 17, 2021