Exploring Your Options in Business Ownership

This could be a good starting point to learn more about how I might be able to assist you to explore your business ownership options. You can find some links and resources below and I’ve assembled a simple starting point for you.

There are two key categories of franchise investors, including those seeking: 

  1. Career alternatives through business ownership
  2. Managed investment strategies through passive ownership, or semi-absentee franchises.

First, let’s take a look at the notion of self-employment and business ownership instead of going back to corporate for your next job. Most people who look at this are:

  • In career transition (or expect to be soon)
  • Frustrated by the lack of options – going back to corporate isn’t as predictable
  • Or electing not to return to their previous industry
  • Not ready to retire
  • Don’t have unlimited amounts of time to wait for things to improve or recover

Back in 2009 when I purchased the FranNet British Columbia franchise, The Accidental Entrepreneur was a new term to emerge from the 2008 meltdown. It’s people who wind up owning their own small business – not out of desire to finally follow their dreams, but due to the fact that landing another corporate job became a significantly less likely option. I guess I fit that mold too. I was in transition and didn’t set out to own my own business. After frustrating weeks and months of looking for my next role without any promise, a sales recruiter casually uttered these words as we wrapped up our (unpromising) call: “Grant, have you ever thought of owning your own business?” That wound up being the TSN turning point in my career.

We are currently in the midst of unprecedented economic times. Furloughs and temporary layoffs are becoming permanent. Companies desperately trying to hold on won’t be able to maintain their grip for much longer. And so, some people realize that it’s worth looking into a safe and affordable business/franchise opportunity instead of looking for jobs that aren’t coming back soon enough, if at all. 

A lot of my clients’ career-transition circumstances prompt them to seriously look at business ownership. Not because they have thought about business ownership for years and finally want to follow their dreams, but out of necessity (thanks to dwindling options). The Plan-D becomes the Plan-A. If this crisis is like previous ones, we can expect to see an increase in Accidental Entrepreneurs in the coming months and years.  

Then they are those who are fortunate enough to have secure jobs and careers. However, this economic jolt is making people want to look at diversifying their portfolios and investing in a passive engagement, or semi-absentee business. These are businesses that are designed to be run with a hired management team from day 1 – meaning the franchisee doesn’t need to dedicate many hours and can keep their job. 

Regardless of which category you might fall into, the journey to possible business ownership starts with education. I want to do what I can to help people out. There are simply two parts of my role:

  1. Provide education about franchising, to help people:
    • Learn about options with business ownership as a career alternative 
    • Learn about passive engagement / semi-absentee opportunities
    • Understand the range of investment and what’s required
    • Gain a deeper understanding of franchising in Canada
    • Develop the Game-Plan (your personal/professional/financial/lifestyle criteria)
    • How to conduct proper due diligence
    • How to find a business that makes sense now and, in this economy
    • And more
  2. Work 1 on 1 with serious prospective franchise owners to find and research the smartest, safest opportunities that align with their budget, skills preferences and goals.

Don’t trust your success to be an accident though! The goal is to avoid a Ready-Fire-Aim situation. The decision to purchase a franchise comes at the end of extensive due diligence. The decision to consider looking at a franchise comes after education, preparation, and planning. 

Some who reach out to me are at the very beginning of their search and education is the obvious starting point. Others have a clear vision and haven’t found the right opportunity yet. 

So, I invite you to take the opportunity to learn if and how I can help. You can decide where to invest your time wisely in your search.

Here are a few resources to kick-start your education:

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May 19, 2020