Franchise Training Programs Speed Up Profits

One of the greatest advantages of investing in a franchise instead of starting a business from scratch is that franchisors provide training to help owners launch and run the business successfully. 

When starting a business from scratch, you are by yourself and left to either figure out what works or find someone with the expertise in areas you don’t have. While this is possible, it’s very time consuming. And, time is money in business. The longer you take to figure out what works, the more you delay profitability.

So, if you would rather take the fast route, what can you expect from a franchisor in the area of training? Here are a few questions to ask about what is provided before a launch and afterwards.

Franchise Pre-Launch Training Check List

  • Does the franchisor provide written documentation or training manuals/digital training programs?
  • If your franchise is a brick and mortar business, will someone from the corporate office provide training on site? Or, will you and your staff need to travel to the corporate office?
  • Does the training include repetition to ensure that you and your staff are ready to provide the level of service desired by the franchisor?
  • Does the training include the following topics?

Real estate selection and site development

Product or service knowledge

Standards and procedures

Leadership training

Management skills

Problem solving skills

Human Resources management and training

Customer relations

Branding management

Marketing, advertising, and communications

Merchandising and pricing methods

Safety, security, cleaning, and maintenance

Vendor relations

Inventory management

Financial management including book keeping and record keeping

Information systems and programs

Ongoing Franchisee Training

  • Will the franchisor provide refresher trainings at your location or as a group in another location?
  • Is there a fee or travel expenses required for the ongoing training?
  • Does someone from corporate do site visits to check for quality and train employee on any deficiencies noted?
  • Is there a system to train managers to train new employees?
  • Do they provide refresher courses or trainings on new procedures?
  • Do they provide resources for you to learn how to solve problems?  

Another important aspect one should consider when shopping for a franchise is whether or not the franchisor is forward thinking and adapting to new marketing and customer service trends.

“All franchises evolve with the economy, technology and customer needs, so it is important to find a franchisor that is working for the future of the business and anticipates changes before they happen,” said Merri Cronk, FranNet Texas Southwest owner and franchise consultant.

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when looking for a franchisor that provides great training services. If you want to save research time, consider using a franchise brokerage service like FranNet that fully researches the franchises they offer prior to offering them to clients to make sure they provide excellent training services that will help you have maximum success.  FranNet also provides free consulting up front to make sure the franchise you choose best meets the kind of business model, training and support you need.

If you would like to explore the franchises available through FranNet or sign up for a free consultation, click the “Get Started” button at the top of this page.

Jan 23, 2019