FRANdata Analysis: Latest New Concepts Report, Vol. 2

FranNet partner FRANdata, the premier market research and intelligence firm for the franchising industry, is out with another edition of their “New Concept Report.” Volume Two has been released, revealing key market insights for the latest concepts and industries. There are five sections and an executive summary, which highlight the trends and growth potential for several brands, industries, and investment levels. Below, FranNet breaks down the business intelligence you need to know…

Emerging Brands
FRANdata identified 59 new franchise brands, representing 22 industries. The business-related sector had the highest percentage of new concepts, followed by building and construction franchises:

Highest Average Unit Revenue (AUR)

26 of the 59 new concepts provided AUR data, the average of which is $1.2 million:

Emerging Brands Poised for Growth:

47 of the 59 brands in FRANdata’s New Concept Vol. 2 Report had zero franchised units in 2020, but the following 13 believe they’ll add 10 or more units in 2021:

Worth a Look:

According to FRANdata, the following emerging franchise brands were worth noting, based on an interesting hook, idea, or business model:

FRANdata has been a long-time partner for FranNet, helping to provide top-of-the-line market intelligence through superior research and analysis techniques. Their “New Concept” report comes out quarterly (four annual volumes) and when they do, we’ll share the actionable findings with our entrepreneurial audience. If you’re interested in further research with FRANdata, be sure to catch their blog series, “What FRANdata Thinks”, as well as their “Latest Insights” landing page.

If reading updates, content and research surrounding emerging franchise brands gets you curious about becoming a first-time franchise owner, or if you’re a multi-unit enterprise investor, FranNet can help match you with a business model that suits your particular goals, lifestyle, and income tolerance. There are literally thousands of franchise concepts to choose from and FranNet only works with top-performers.

If you’re ready to explore an emerging brand or an existing franchise with an established brand name, simply look up your local FranNet representative who both lives and works in your area. Our services are always no-cost, no-obligation.


Jun 10, 2021