FranNet: Our Network is Your Network

Many people are familiar with the proverb that speaks to the value of a network: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Truer words have never been spoken regarding the franchise investigative process. Countless FranNet clients, who’ve crossed paths with one of our qualified broker representatives, have benefitted from our network of experienced experts. Those who attempt to navigate the investigation process alone may go fast, but they won’t get nearly as far as the FranNet network can take you.

Besides FranNet’s no-cost, no-obligation service model, let’s discuss the advantages of tapping into our network. When you partner with FranNet to find the perfect business opportunity through franchising, you can expect:

A Network of Locals Only

Each of the over 100 FranNet representatives in the U.S. and Canadian network live and work in their own local communities, be it at the city, state, or province-level. That means when you network with us, you’re networking with someone who understands the supply and demand of your particular market or territory. Many of our representatives are past or current franchise owners themselves, with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

A Network of Risk Mitigators

Deciding to pursue business ownership through franchising is a large and complex decision. But you can trust that FranNet’s network of representatives are working to mitigate the risks involved. There are many specific steps in the investigative process, but we’ll explain financing, legalities, and what to expect at every stage. We even handle introductions to franchisors and other franchisees in the system when you’re ready to enter the validation stage.

We Know People

A seasoned FranNet representative can help to introduce you to the right contacts in their network to help make your franchise ownership dreams come true. Our reps maintain a network of contacts in legal, accounting, site selection, real estate, and even local business community leaders. FranNet helps you navigate your way to business ownership with the right network of due diligence contacts, then provides access to a network of contacts to help you with the next stage—launching and maintaining your new business. It’s safe to say that each of our FranNet reps know the right people to help you succeed.

When the Ink Dries

Once you’ve signed your franchise agreement, our network of FranNet representatives will guide you through the early stage development of your business model. We make sure you get to network with the right resources that give you the best options for decision-making. And FranNet’s network was built to stay in touch. Just ask around. A majority of our franchise owner clients remain in close, regular touch with their FranNet representative. So don’t be surprised if they end up being your first paying customer.

If you’re ready to experience the power of the FranNet network of qualified franchise consultants, follow this link to our online directory for the U.S. and Canada. Aren’t you curious to see who your FranNet representative is?

Jun 1, 2021