Is a Pandemic the Right Time to Start a Business?

It just might be, says the NY Times.

We’re seeing a common thread among those who achieved their goal to own their own business in the spring of 2020. It’s the realization that in times of uncertainty, there’s no better place to invest than in yourself.

Here are a few FranNet clients (many in career transition) who said “Yes” to franchise ownership in May 2020:

  • Pool Maintenance – Fractional COO
  • Temporary Staffing – Housing Authority Operations Manager
  • Residential Cleaning – Technology Sales Executive
  • Residential Cleaning – Food Production Marketing Analyst
  • Youth Sports – Court Reporter
  • Youth Sports – CPA/Corporate Controller
  • Home Improvement – Retail Applications Developer
  • Fundraising Consulting – Service Manager, Corporate Apparel Industry
  • Commercial Signage – Energy Industry Sales Leader
  • Boutique Fitness – Software Engineering Sr. Director
  • Swim Safety School – Director of Serve Ministries
  • Early Childhood Learning – Hospital Physician
  • Commercial Waste – Cyber Security CIO
  • Commercial Waste – Hospitality Project Developer
  • Pet Care – Financial Services Operations VP

Wanting to enjoy financial success and passion in a new career field is a common yearning we hear from our clients.  Can you relate?

As you can see from our list, less than 25% of franchise owners are in businesses related to their careers as employees.  Franchise ownership can be that bridge to a rewarding new chapter.

Yes, I do believe there are compelling benefits to starting a business at a time like this:

  • More real estate choices at lower costs
  • A larger available labor pool to hire from
  • Less competition
  • Pent up demand to capture

If you are interested in what franchise opportunities you might consider, let me know when you’d like to have a brief call about how to get started.


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Jul 1, 2020