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Start a Business While Keeping Your Job?

Enjoying the freedom of owning your own business has become the new American Dream. That feeling you get every morning when you wake up and realize you don’t have to report to a boss, because you are the boss, is second to none.  But before you get to realize that dream, you need to go [...]

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Why Buy a Franchise? Three Reasons

You think you’re ready to take the plunge into business ownership, and then the big question hits you… “Do I start my own business from scratch, or do I go with a business template, such as a franchise?” This is a question that may not have a set answer for everyone. First, you must decide [...]

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10 Industries You Probably Never Think of as Franchises

When you hear the word “franchise,” what image pops up? Most likely, it’s a fast-food chain; and, even more likely, it’s your favorite fast food. Is it time for lunch yet?   If you’ve dismissed franchise ownership because you don’t want to flip burgers or make sandwiches, you’re missing out on a vast world of opportunities. [...]

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Family Ties

As published in the Amazon bestseller, More Than Just French Fries: 15 Business Thought Leaders Share Insights on Franchising Success. My business story started when I was five. My father worked in corporate sales and marketing at the time. When he arrived home one day, I had set up shop with my toys on my [...]

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MASTER FRANCHISING – The Ultimate Business!

How to Use a Little-Known Business System as Your Best Vehicle for Business Success ... The Best Kept Secret in Business Today ... For the Right Person! What is this Concept? Imagine coming up with the idea of a new franchise concept that explodes in your area with dozens of new units opening up. Imagine [...]

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THE BIG FRANCHISE MYTH: You Need to Spend More if You Want to Get More

When you are thinking of joining a franchised organization, you can gain a significant advantage if you can avoid the myths and deal only with facts. By recognizing what truly differentiates the facts from the fallacies, you can help yourself make a better and more productive decision. When it comes to franchising, there are lots [...]

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Why Use a Franchise Consultant

At FranNet, we specialize in helping you learn about the many choices available and how to select the right business for you. We are paid by franchise companies who are searching for the right people to help grow their systems. The cost of a franchise will not change whether you use us or not…so let [...]

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Evaluate Yourself Before Evaluating a Franchise

When I began searching for a business of my own several years ago, I assumed my options would be limited to the obvious franchise choices, such as fast food or high-profile retail. Much to my delight, I discovered along the way that the available choices actually went far beyond the obvious. Today there are more [...]

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The Resurgence Of The Family Business

Could you imagine working day-to-day with you son or daughter?  Would your father or mother make a good salesperson?  Have you ever considered investing in your family’s future by owning a business together? That’s right, the family-owned business is seeing a resurgence.  Though popular 2-3 generations ago, the idea of working with family members lost [...]

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5 Trends for Identifying a Successful Business In 2016

With well paying, career building jobs in short supply, business ownership is on the upswing. But, how does one find the right business that offers long-term financial security for them and their families in our new economy? I regularly work with individuals who are considering business ownership and the conversation always turns to the “financial security” question. What product [...]

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