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Now is the Perfect Time to Contemplate Your Next Move…

No one disagrees that 2020 has been a challenge. For those employed and enjoying one of the strongest economies in the history of the U.S., the global pandemic has sent shockwaves through the intersection of business and commerce. But thanks to a quick and decisive response from the federal government, we’ve bought ourselves some time [...]

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5 Businesses to Start Now

  The unwavering negative news about COVID-19, the economy, political unrest can make it hard to imagine there is any good news out there. Particularly for small businesses.  But there is….  Aspiring business owners engaged in franchise opportunity research right now have the unique benefit of learning how current franchise owners are faring this unprecedented [...]

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From One Oil Exec to the Others…it’s Never Too Late for a Second Career Act

Mark & Liz Beattie make up a dynamic husband-wife duo, operating their own Budget Blinds franchise in Fulshear, TX, a sprawling suburb west of the Houston metroplex. This couple’s roots stretch back to their home country of Scotland, but their lives have now branched out into entrepreneurialism in the Lone Star State. And as you’ll [...]

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A Franchisee’s Journey: Getting to Know Michael Lee

Michael Lee is the CEO of his own business, Fitness Machine Technicians of Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. The company specializes in fitness equipment repair and maintenance for both residential and commercial clients. But his burgeoning small business is miles and miles away from his past life. You see, Michael Lee was once an Aerospace [...]

To the Downsized Oil and Gas Employees of Houston, You Have Alternatives

It’s not a layoff if you view it as a career transition… The city of Houston, fourth-largest in the U.S., has always been synonymous with the oil and gas industry. Known as the “Energy Capital of the World”, it’s home to over 500 oil and gas firms and employs nearly a third of the nation's [...]

June Franchise Buyers See Economic Advantages

Here at FranNet, it’s exciting to see the swell of first-time franchise owners taking opportunity by the reins. The following list showcases the diverse spread of industries where our clients (many in career transition) are choosing strong franchise brands and saying “Yes!” to owning their own business in June 2020. Coming from equally diverse career backgrounds, our [...]

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Congratulations to the 2020 FranNet Awards Winners! 

  FranNet is excited to announce our 2020 Awards Winners! Thank you to Benetrends Financial for sponsoring the event and to Benetrends CEO, Dallas Kerley for co-hosting. Congratulations again to all of the winners and a special thank you to our valued sponsors!   FranNet Gives Back These 3 individuals for their important contributions to [...]

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A Franchisee’s Journey: Getting to Know Aaron Grohs

Anago Commercial Cleaning Services Master Franchisee Aaron Grohs has a plan to grow his brand in one of the most business-friendly states in the U.S. They say there’s no substitute for experience and Aaron Grohs of Anago of Austin is a prime example. Having led one of the most recognizable franchise brand names in the [...]

Is a Pandemic the Right Time to Start a Business?

It just might be, says the NY Times. We’re seeing a common thread among those who achieved their goal to own their own business in the spring of 2020. It’s the realization that in times of uncertainty, there’s no better place to invest than in yourself. Here are a few FranNet clients (many in career [...]

The Case of the Rich Uncle

(While the following narrative reflects actual facts and events, the client’s names are withheld to protect their privacy.)  For many years this candidate was a very successful small business owner. He operated a large wholesale distribution business. His top competitor was an even bigger company with a regional footprint that desired to buy his business. [...]

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