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IFA 2021 Franchising Outlook

The second half of the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Annual Convention gets underway this week. Though all virtual this year, it’s still franchising’s biggest event for business development and personal growth. Nearly 200 educational and networking sessions are happening on the topics of franchise growth, policy, development, marketing, and of course—networking. Last week, on Feb. [...]

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A Business You Own is a Business You Can (One Day) Sell…”

People who use franchising as the route to business ownership decide to do so for many reasons. Some get fed up with Corporate America. Others want to follow their dreams and run a business of their choosing. A few get in the game to expand or diversify a business ownership portfolio. Lastly, some buy franchises [...]

Why Couples Make Good Franchise Owners

With Valentine’s Day still fresh in the rearview mirror, we thought we’d delve into why couples make good franchise owners. Presumably, if you and your significant other share the same outlook for your future and your finances, you may have considered owning a business of your own someday. If teamwork really does make the dream [...]

Upcoming Webinar – How to Fund Your Business

Save the Date! Mark your calendars for this coming Monday, Feb. 15, to attend FranNet’s next national webinar, “How to Fund Your Business”. This 30-minute webinar is free to attend will begin online at 11:00 a.m. CST. You can register by following this link: REGISTER NOW – “How to Fund Your Business” Webinar by FranNet [...]

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Why FranNet Consultants are a Different Breed of Matchmaker

The franchising industry has its fair share of brokers and consultants that help guide prospective franchisees in the investigative process. But few have the level of experience, acumen and knowledge to help clients find a perfect match. FranNet’s representatives are consultants, not salespeople. We keep the client’s best interests in mind ahead of our own. [...]

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The Ideal Personality for Franchising. Do You Have It?

While franchising can be an ideal way to own a business of your own, not everyone is cut out to be successful, according to their precise business models. Anyone engaged in the investigative process, if done properly, should soon figure out whether or not their personality is a match for franchising in general. This also [...]

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Second Stimulus Eases Lending Terms, Creating a Buyer’s Market

The recently signed second stimulus package includes several provisions that should make it easier than ever for qualified buyers to access capital through the Small Business Administration (SBA) for starting a new business. We spoke with our friends at Benetrends Financial regarding the details of the new package and the impact it will have on [...]

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Taking on the Franchise Doubters

Entrepreneurs are both dreamers and doers. They have the drive to succeed that a lot of other folks lack. You probably know a few in your own circle of friends. But even as they yearn for success, aspects of their plans, hopes and dreams are subject to the doubters. These doubters are more often than [...]

Upcoming Webinar: Don’t Let Fear Steal Your Dreams of Business Ownership

Attention all entrepreneurs! We have a jam-packed webinar coming your way that gets to the heart of what we call the business ownership reluctance effect (BORE). Consider the following, if… You’re tired of working for corporate America You’re tired of working to make others wealthy, while you’re just getting by You’re frustrated with the pace [...]

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Are You a Good Fit for Service-Based Franchises?

Many entrepreneurs believe that franchising provides them with the best option to own a business of their own. Of course, there are many reasons, not the least of which is the advantage of following a proven business model designed to provide the best chance of success and sustainability. Once they’ve been convinced, a second question [...]

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