Networking to Match Brands with People

FranNet is known for being the leading national franchise consultancy, whose specialty is networking to match brands with people. Because with thousands of franchise concepts to choose from, our consultants still believe that there’s a perfect match out there just for you. One that aligns perfectly with your career, lifestyle, and financial goals.

The franchise investigative process can be an exciting—and sometimes overwhelming—experience. But, with the professional guidance and advice provided by FranNet’s qualified consultants, we can help you navigate the decision-making process. We help you network with each franchise’s corporate office and set up validation sessions with other franchisees in the brand’s system. Through discussion and due diligence, we assist you in narrowing down your choices until you—and you alone—determine whether a particular franchise concept will become the perfect match for business ownership.

It all starts with a questionnaire, which FranNet has branded as your Entrepreneur Readiness Profile. There are four sections to fill out, which cover your values, motivation, work style and investment tolerance. Your answers will be analyzed to create your own personal ownership profile, which helps determine the brands and concepts that best align with your preferences. When we network with you to find the best franchise ownership match, we get to know you personally. We ask about your previous career experience, why you want to own your own business, and what your interests are, among other things. All of this information helps us determine what type of business you were meant to own and operate.

Some would-be entrepreneurs aren’t sure which direction they should go when choosing a business ownership opportunity. It’s not enough to merely have an interest in a particular industry, you also need to have enough passion and drive to make the business work. Matchmaking doesn’t always follow a predictable path and many of FranNet’s clients are often pleasantly surprised when they find out they’re a fit for an unexpected result.

But candidates must always remember—you don’t have to love a product or service to capitalize on it. The business itself is simply the bridge that connects you with the route to your lifestyle and income goals. An emotional connection is not necessary for a candidate to be successful in owning and operating a particular business concept.

Once a candidate decides on a concept to get serious, our FranNet representatives begin the next phase of our networking magic, connecting them to the brand’s executive leadership team. It’s this phase in which you’ll have a chance to assess the business opportunity in further detail, while both sides engage in a more formal evaluation of one another.

If a candidate is ready to pursue a purchase with a particular franchisor, our locally based FranNet representatives can help them network even further. Access to legal, accounting, site selection, and financial contacts are all available and play a vital role in helping candidates make a final determination about franchise ownership.

As you can see, the franchise investigative process is a little bit of Matchmaking 101. But instead of introducing couples looking for a chance at true love, our specialty is matching brands with people. And it’s safe to say, we have more than our share of satisfied customers. If you’d like our help in finding just the right franchise match, one that perfectly aligns with your ideals, let’s do some matchmaking on your behalf.  

Jun 1, 2021