The Time Has Come for Mompreneurs

This FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma blog is dedicated to Moms everywhere. No, it’s not Mother’s Day, but a wise soul once observed that every day should be. Today, we’re talking about the moms who used to fill the ranks in Corporate America. The ones who put their career on hold for 15+ years to raise their children. The ones who have watched their youngsters become self-sufficient, no longer in need of a sitter and maybe even have a kid who’s earned a legitimate driver’s license. Moms who are thinking of returning to work. Moms who remember their previous earning potential. Moms who are still engaged with family but have enough leeway to work around their new schedules.


We’ve got a name for you in our industry—Mompreneurs. And guess what? There appear to be quite a few of you out there.

According to a recent Shopify survey of over 1,500 parents, a whopping 62% of mothers reported being interested in supplementing their income. More than half hoped to accomplish this by owning their own business. And one out of six indicated that they’re “very interested” in starting a business from scratch. For these reasons and more, let’s discuss why the time has come for Mompreneurs everywhere.

Timing is Everything

Labor Day is now in the rearview mirror. That means school is in session across the U.S. For many moms, an abundance of available time has just presented itself. Not content to go by the same old routine any longer? Life isn’t all about household chores and perfectly balanced dinner preparation. It may be time to assess your day-to-day responsibilities and carve out a schedule that would allow even a part-time engagement. Because 70% of the moms in the Shopify survey want to start a business, but not one that requires a full-time commitment.

Threading the Needle

Does it seem to you that there are two kinds of grown women? Those that go full-bore into climbing the corporate ladder and those who shun career achievement in favor of child-rearing? As a society, the perception is that women must make a “Sophie’s Choice”, one or the other. But if the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s revealed the importance for all of us to seek a more balanced work-life arrangement. We must remove the stigma that pressures women into making one choice at the expense of another.

How to Have it All

Moms who have never investigated franchise ownership simply don’t know the range of business models and options available to them. Franchising doesn’t mean McDonald’s or nothing. In fact, there are thousands of franchise business models to review—though we wouldn’t recommending trying to research all of them on your own. In households across North Texas and Oklahoma, moms everywhere may have no idea that some franchise ownership models only require a part-time commitment. Or that some franchise opportunities were even meant to be a work-from-home operation.

If you’re a mom with some newfound time and availability, and an interest in starting a business of your own, we want to meet you. Getting started is simple. All it takes is setting up an appointment to discuss your personal situation. And it won’t cost you a dime to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with FranNet of DFW and Oklahoma. Franchise business concepts come in all shapes and sizes and feature varying degrees of commitment as it pertains to your time, energy, and effort. Once we determine your strengths and interests, we can help you investigate a franchise concept that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals.

Take that all-important first step and discover the advantages of becoming a Mompreneur.

Sep 8, 2021