Top 6 Reasons to Buy a Franchise in Canada

Thousands of aspiring business owners have realized their professional dreams through franchising with the help of the FranNet team. Franchising is one of the most popular ways to start a business in 2016, and in today’s post, we share six reasons to get involved. Read on to learn what attracts so many Canadians to the franchising system, and explore free research resources provided by our team!

  • Nobody expects you to reinvent the wheel. When you buy a franchise in Canada, you’re buying into a proven operating system, product catalogue, and brand reputation. That means your focus from day one can be on opening your doors and starting to make money, rather than spending your time and effort on R&D.
  • No need to secure trademarks and patents. You’ve undoubtedly heard about the struggles people have trying to make sense of legal and governmental frameworks; when you buy a franchise in Canada, you avoid it all. Quality franchisors being recommended by the FranNet team will already have secured any trademarks and patents related to their brand. This saves a considerable amount of time, stress and effort that would otherwise bog down the start-up phase of your business.
  • Advantageous territory rights. After screening your locality for market opportunities, many franchisors will assign you exclusive territory to run your business. This means that inter-franchise competition will be eliminated as you enjoy exclusive rights to selling your brand’s products or services in a specified area
  • Concrete startup costs. “Fear of the unknown” is particularly daunting for prospective business owners trying to estimate their start-up costs. Quite often, these new startups will underestimate their overhead and opening costs, then end up stalled in a nearly-ready-to-open state while they scramble to secure additional funding. This can crush a company before it even has a chance to open its doors. When you do your research for a franchise through FranNet, you will get a concrete idea of the required opening costs informed by years of startup success so that you never have to worry about cutting corners or coming up shorthanded.
  • No-nonsense training systems. Through the local guidance of a FranNet consultant, you’re connected with top-tier franchisors in Canada that know exactly how to bring new entrants into the system up to speed. Whether you need to shore up knowledge gaps or polish a relevant skill set, your franchisor will give you all of the training and information you need to achieve your business goals. Training will typically cover all aspects of marketing, finances, customer service and specific workplace skills.
  • Franchise family support. When you start your own business outside of a franchise system, you’re on your own. There’s nobody you can turn to for advice within your industry; competitors will guard their secrets to success very closely. If you’re stuck, it’s entirely up to you to find a solution. On the other hand, when you buy a franchise, you join a sizeable franchise family that has your best interest in mind. When your franchise succeeds, the brand grows stronger, which helps everyone involved. Researching a franchise with FranNet gets you access to an entire network of professionals who faced the same challenges as you and are eager to offer their support.

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Sep 26, 2016