What FranNet’s Clients Have to Say About Working With Us…

A recent study by Sapio Research shows online customer reviews rank 3rd out of 12 factors in the consumer buying cycle. It’s a statistic that reveals just how important feedback can be for companies that sell products and services to the public. At FranNet, we’re proud of the reputation we’ve achieved on the North American stage when it comes to satisfied clients.

We thought we’d dedicate a blog edition that features real quotes from FranNet’s clients, to give our budding entrepreneurs an idea of what it might be like if and when they choose to engage our no-cost, no-obligation services. Taken from our FranNet Testimonial Series, and in no particular order, here are some of the real words spoken about working with FranNet and the individual consultants who represent our brand:

Michael Lee, on working with Charlie Magee with FranNet of Washington:

“He’s one of the best listeners I’ve ever met. He was only concerned with what was best for me—the client. There are thousands of franchise concepts out there, but Charlie helped us find the best choice. It was an enjoyable process.”

Mark Eddy, on working with Thom Crimans with FranNet of Kentucky:

“When it comes to working with a franchise consultant, there are several factors that you can count on. Number one, the support you get from their one-on-one approach is just incredible. And with a broker like Thom, you’re never wandering around in the dark. His process was like a checklist of sorts. At every turn, he’d ask, ‘What is it that you want?’”

Aaron Grohs, on working with Merri Cronk with FranNet of Austin:

“She’s one of the best in the business. First and foremost, she is a great listener. After taking my Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile to determine my best fit, Merri presented seven or eight concepts for me to consider. They were all great matches, but she never came off as trying to sell me on one concept over another. She simply presented the facts and helped me navigate to a decision of my own.”

Shona Bascon, on working with Diana Trondsen of FranNet of Houston and the Gulf Coast Region:

“People like Diana are noticeably trustworthy. They truly want to find the best franchise fit for your lifestyle and goals. There’s a sincerity there that’s both obvious and appreciated. She still follows up with me to see how I’m doing.”

Terry Rackley, on working with Sara Waskow of FranNet of Dallas-Fort Worth and Oklahoma:

“After taking their Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile, it returned some interesting concepts. There was just so much information out there about the different franchising opportunities. It’s overwhelming. Sara not only had the knowledge of the franchising industry, but also the connections.”

Judy Praska, on working with Wes Roper with FranNet of Minnesota:

“Wes Roper is someone that I also consider a friend, in addition to being one of the best consultants I’ve ever met. We both understand the power of networking and, to this day, we continue to send each other new business leads! We’ve stayed in close touch since I launched my business and that tells you that there is something special about the way FranNet consultants truly care about the well-being of their clients. Their interest in your success doesn’t end the day they close a deal. That’s where it begins.”

These are just a few examples that demonstrate FranNet’s commitment to our clients in matching them up with the right franchise opportunity at the right time and for the right reasons. If you like what you’ve read about our consultants, there’s one in your area that’s ready, willing, and able to help you begin an entrepreneurial journey of your own.

All you have to do is take that first step and reach out.

Mar 23, 2021