Why U.S. Workers are Obsessing Over the ‘Great Resignation’

The chasm between employer and employee continues to widen dramatically, as more and more fed-up workers are ditching their dissatisfying jobs for the great unknown. When it comes to voluntary job departures, when did the workforce become so brave as to throw caution to the wind? Whatever is going on out there, it’s happening at unprecedented levels.


Even the most diehard optimists will find a silver lining to any bad situation if they look hard enough. Perhaps that’s actually what we’re seeing with all the negativity surrounding the pandemic-weary public. Health experts, and those who should never be considered health experts, have told us in the past year and a half that the threat of COVID-19 would eventually dissipate, allowing us a return to normal.

First, that hasn’t happened. And second, it appears that a great deal of the workforce that makes up Corporate America has used this time of distress to take stock of their lives and careers. More than a few have decided to join the ‘Great Resignation’, even if their immediate future is uncertain. Almost any life coach or mental wellness professional would agree that this has been a positive development. What’s wrong with pursuing our dreams if they just so happen to lead us to more productive and happy lives?

That’s exactly where this notion intersects with taking charge of your own destiny. Those of us in the franchising industry have taken note of the increased amount of interest in purchasing a business that can deliver on the promises of more freedom, flexibility, and especially control over one’s income generating potential.

A few of the key areas where we’ve seen this interest come from sections of the frontline workforce. Those who previously worked in health care, restaurant, hospitality, and food service, lead the pack in franchise investigation. They report feeling pushed to the brink of making the decision to bail out and pull the rip cord, no thanks in part to grueling hours, low pay, and an inadequate work-life balance.

Many of these clients are putting their previous career expertise and experience to good use, investigating franchise concepts that align perfectly with their strengths and knowledge base. The one big change? They no longer have a boss to answer to, other than the one staring back at them in the mirror every day.

If you’ve been moved by what you’ve read in my latest FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma blog post, perhaps it’s time to take your soul-searching to the next level. What awaits you may be scary, intimidating, and uncertain. But it’s likely a much better outlook than what you can see in the rearview mirror.

If you’re on the brink of wanting to discover something wonderful about your inner drive and future, it’s time for us to talk. We can review your personal situation and discuss potential solutions designed to alleviate your concerns about income insecurity. As part of the largest franchise consultancy in the U.S., FranNet of DFW and Oklahoma can help you investigate and find a franchise that perfectly aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals. And it won’t cost you a dime, as all of our consultation services are no-cost and no-obligation.

Go ahead and make the appointment. Together, we can look into a business-owning future and a lifestyle that suits your needs—not someone else’s.

Oct 4, 2021