Your Ability to Adapt to Change Will Benefit Your Entrepreneurial Plans

Your Ability to Adapt to Change Will Benefit Your Entrepreneurial Plans


There are many qualities and characteristics that lend themselves to the pursuit of an entrepreneurial life. These include having a positive attitude, a diligent mindset, an openness to coachability, inherent confidence, and organizational skills – all of which are traits that help individuals take charge of their own destinies. But the one common denominator possessed by all successful entrepreneurs is that of adaptability.


Before you can take that all-important first step in your own entrepreneurial journey, you must be willing to adapt. Adapting means you’re fully capable of embracing change, you’re willing to pivot, and you can keep an open mind about making informed decisions about your future. In this FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma blog post, we’re going to explore a few ways in which adapting to change benefits your entrepreneurial plans.


Leaving Your Comfort Zone

When we speak to first-time clients, many of them have grown accustomed to having that monthly paycheck and the benefits that typically come with full-time employment. Many times, their lives are going smoothly, and they’re apprehensive about “rocking the boat,” so to speak. But to pursue something more for yourself requires leaving your comfort zone. And to leave your comfort zone, you have to be willing to adapt to the changing circumstances in your life. Everyone before you that’s taken the proverbial leap of faith chose to adapt to this new normal. And you can, too.


When Things Don’t Go According to Plan…

Everyone’s personal entrepreneurial journey is different, but most have one thing in common – their steady progression almost never occurs in a straight line. But adaptability provides the necessary leeway that keeps you moving forward. At FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma, we see this often. Perhaps the franchise you fixated on doesn’t have the right territorial opportunity for you. Or maybe the funding option you thought you’d use is no longer an option. Adaptability is the mindset that allows you to pivot in a new direction and keep your focus on the goal.


The Importance of Self-Efficacy

When you believe in your heart of hearts that you can accomplish the goals you set, you’ve got self-efficacy. It means that, no matter the circumstances you encounter along the way, you’re able to adapt and find a solution to your problems. Adaptability and self-efficacy go hand-in-hand, giving you the confidence in knowing that your plans will eventually work out.


Franchises are Built on Adaptability, Too…

Developing a mindset of adaptability will help you succeed, but it’s also one of the reasons that franchises are so successful as well. Of the 3,000-4,000 different franchises in the marketplace today, each comes with a proven business model for franchisees to follow. And these business models aren’t just “set it and forget it” operations – rather, they’ve been refined over the years by adapting to changing market conditions. Over time, their products or services have adapted to meet the changing needs of consumers. Their systems have adapted over time to streamline operations and save on costs. And their technologies have adapted to the latest software and platform solutions that give franchise owners the best chance to take on the competition – and come out a winner.


As you can see, adaptability plays a role for both franchisors and prospective franchisees alike. But in the end, those who adopt this mindset have the best chance of succeeding. If you want to pursue an entrepreneurial life but haven’t yet mastered your ability to adapt to the prospect of becoming your own boss, we invite you to contact us. Using our Entrepreneur Profile, we can determine your tolerance to change and how best to map out a journey on your behalf.


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May 17, 2023