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Gary Prenevost on CBC’s On The Money: Millennial Franchisees

What are millennials throwing their collective weight at now? The franchise business! For some, it's because of a desire not to be chained to a desk all day. And many are tapping into the Bank of Mom and Dad for support.

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Is This The Year You Become A Franchise Entrepreneur?

  Don’t try to fit the business, make the business fit you. Are you one of the millions of Canadians who have been taking stock of your career options this January? Typically after the holiday season, the back-to-work blues tempt us to dream of a life beyond the 9-to-5 corporate job; with more flexibility, fewer [...]

Trends for 2018: Franchises led by millennials and women poised to grow despite minimum wage hike and SME tax reforms

As the cost of living rises more Canadians are looking for alternative sources of income. Statistics Canada’s consumer price index (CPI) shows price of goods has increased by 16 per cent over the last decade, leaving Canadians with less money to build their wealth. As a result of these factors, more Canadians are considering franchise [...]