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How Franchise Owners Can Turn Their Setbacks into Victory

Running your own franchise can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but like everything else in life that is worth doing, it is not without its challenges. And because franchisees are human, they will have setbacks and failures over the course of their business. What separates successful franchisees from unsuccessful ones is not how often they [...]

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Home Based Franchises: What you need to know

The number of available home-based franchises in Canada is growing – and it’s easy to see why. The idea of working from home, having a flexible schedule and being able to spend more time with family is appealing. Not having to pay for additional office space can also mean that the initial investment is lower resulting [...]

Traits Successful New Jersey Franchisees Don’t Have

New Jersey franchisees typically have a number of excellent traits in common that help them run successful businesses. They are often highly motivated, organized and diligent. But just as there are certain traits that are highly desirable among franchise owners, there are other traits that are just bad for business. And if you have any [...]

How Franchise Owners Can Stay Focussed All Day Long

Operating any type of business requires a great deal of mental focus – and a franchise is no different. Franchisees must undertake a number of duties to keep their businesses running smoothly. These include responding to requests from customers, keeping track of inventory, and overseeing staff. They need to have strong mental focus in order [...]

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Inspiring Success: Quotes for New York Franchise Owners to Hang on their Wall

As a general rule, New York franchise owners tend to be positive individuals with a lot of drive. But even the best entrepreneurs can feel worn out from time to time. And when they do, it pays to have an example they can look to for motivation and inspiration. Some people find it helpful to [...]

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Five Social Media Tips to Help you Power Up Your Franchise

Some franchisees just seem to have all the luck when it comes to social media! How do they get so many followers and audience engagement while other franchisees can barely seem to get their own family and friends to like their Facebook page? It’s not really luck – when a business owner gets good results [...]

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Is Work and Life Balance Possible?

Is there really a routine we can develop that will devote enough time to our work and family? The discussion involving what you can do to stay organized and learn balance has a wide range of answers and changes week to week. There is a range of factors that weigh in for each individual and balance [...]

Two Up And Coming Franchises In The Musical Education Industry

Are you interested in a franchise that moves to the beat of a different drummer? Is the idea of operating a business that helps children and engages the community music to your ears? Then perhaps a franchise in the music education industry is just what you’ve been looking for! Today we are going to review [...]

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Make the Right Franchise Choice the First Time

There are many good reasons our FranNetDFW clients buy into a franchise rather than starting their own company from the ground up. The franchise model takes a lot of the unknowns out of running a business. Ideally, a new owner can rely on the following to be true: There is existing demand for the product [...]

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Sara Waskow and Mosquito Joe on KEXB 620 AM

On a recent show, Sara Waskow of FranNet Dallas - Ft. Worth spoke about business ownership - specifically franchising - and also brought a special guest: the local Mosquito Joe franchisee!               Listen to the show here: Part One:    Part Two:    

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