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(Click here for a short video message from Ted Fireman) Have you ever had thoughts about owning your own business? I have recently launched a 2-minute video series, delivered right to your cellphone, once a week. We talk about the benefits of owning your own business over being a corporate employee, and we have testimonials [...]

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Franchising offers many options for business ownership

BREVARD COUNTY – January is a month known for new commitments to personal goals, including those surrounding money and career. For county residents looking to make an investment in a new business this year, now is a good time to start a franchise. That’s according to consultant Marshall Reddy, a franchising expert who helps connects [...]

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The Real Costs of Starting a Business

There are different costs to consider when starting a new business venture. It’s advisable to write a business plan as a blueprint for the first few years of operation, and it can be hard to estimate business costs unless you’ve started the same entity previously. Also, you will have to do some calculations before starting [...]

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There is never a good time to start your own business

It’s true. There is never a good time to start your own business. As we get more established and go through life, we gain more, consume more and have more people dependent on us. Think back to your life just after school. You were likely single, didn’t own much and could devote energy into whatever pleased [...]

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If nothing changes, nothing changes

The story goes something like this. Bob is a moderately successful corporate type. He has put in the time and has sat through enough corporate meetings for a lifetime. Somewhere along the way, he became unfulfilled, hit his max pay rate and now doubts why he sold the last 20 years of his professional life to [...]

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Sara Waskow and Mosquito Joe on KEXB 620 AM

On a recent show, Sara Waskow of FranNet Dallas - Ft. Worth spoke about business ownership - specifically franchising - and also brought a special guest: the local Mosquito Joe franchisee!               Listen to the show here: Part One:    Part Two:    

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Is It Possible To Own A Franchise After Years In The Workforce?

In a word, yes! However, you’re the only one who can convince your stubborn, scared self that it’s possible. Spending years in corporate America or #working for other small/large #businesses doesn’t have to cripple your franchise ownership #dreams. In fact, the experience and knowledge you’ve gained to this point will prove to be very useful! [...]

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Consider the Legal and Financial Aspects of Owning a Franchise

As with any major investment, the best decision can be made only if you’re as informed as possible. You need to spend a good deal of time researching, interviewing and exploring your options — and a part of the process is determining what the legal and financial aspects are.   Curated from Consider the Legal [...]

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Did You Lower The Bar For Your Business?

You’ve done it. You successfully own a franchise or new business and the first three years have passed without too much trouble. Now 10 years…15…20, each with its own unique opportunity to keep your business perspective fresh and exciting. How do you stay motived and keep your #passion thriving?   Curated from Did You Lower [...]

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