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Franchising or Independent Business Ownership? Depends on Your Personality

Though we’ve touched on this point many times before, there are essentially three ways to become your own boss. You can start from scratch, go the franchising route, or buy an existing business—which can offer either an independent or franchising backdrop. We get asked all the time, “Which is the best option for me to [...]

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Will You Be Part of the Great Resignation?

A new survey from Canadian tech education hub Lighthouse Labs found that 57% of Canadians would change careers, if given the opportunity to do so. In speaking with the Financial Times, CEO Jeremy Shaki had some advice to share for those out there who are simply thinking of taking a different route: “I’d say, think [...]

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Houston’s Energy Industry Outlook: A Path Forward for the Downsized

A former O&G client tells it like it is… The most recent monthly employment report from the Greater Houston Partnership verifies what we already suspect. The Energy Sector—which includes exploration and oilfield service companies—continues to lose altitude. Net job losses for March and April combined were 8,500. May and June combined registered an additional 5,200, [...]

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The Case of the Army Officer Veteran

(While the following narrative reflects actual facts and events, the client’s names are withheld to protect their privacy.)  This client was an Army Officer who left the service after a distinguished career. His military experience and educational background made him a good fit for one of the top National consulting firms. He spent the next [...]

4 Reasons to Hire Your Teen to Work at Your Franchise

With summer on the horizon, you might already be hearing complaints of boredom from your child or endless requests for money so they can go to the movies or mall with their friends. If your kid is desperate for something to do this summer—or if you’re desperate for a little extra help around the office [...]

A New Business? Now? Are You Crazy?

These are actual questions my wife asked me, NOT during the 2020 pandemic, but rather in mid-September 2001. The horrific 9-11 atrocity had just happened, the stock market was crashing and it was looking like the U.S. would be going to war with Iraq. Why would anyone in their right mind quit a lucrative senior [...]

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When is the Right Time to Invest in a Franchise

When Should You Invest in a Franchise?  If you’ve been thinking about franchise ownership but are holding back, you may want to rethink your decision to wait. The reality is that many franchise owners wish they would have gotten serious about it sooner.  One example is Steve Johnson, an owner of several College Nannies, Sitters [...]

Franchising: Now is the Time. MidAmerica is the Place.

Nearly half of all Americans dream of being their own boss, but they often spend years thinking about it rather than making the leap, according to research by UPS. Beverly Walthour asserts this reluctance comes from fear. Franchising could be the answer.Why Franchise?Franchising mitigates risk. Franchisors provide budding entrepreneurs with a clear, successful business formula [...]

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Why You Should Start a Franchise While Still Employed

Not quite ready to leave your job but still want to invest in your future? Franchise ownership can make that happen. Whether you’re happily employed, tired of the corporate rat race or stuck in a dead-end job, running a franchise part-time while you’re still employed is possible and can be a smart way to achieve [...]

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3 Reasons Franchise Ownership is One of the Best Investments

When people think about the best investments for the long-term, they often think about buying stock, putting money in a 401K or becoming a real estate mogul. While these investments are all good ideas to prepare for retirement, there is another smart way to invest that many people miss – franchise ownership. Here are three [...]

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