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Three Ways Franchisees Can Grow Their Personal Brand

At FranNet DFW, we take pride in being associated with franchises that have a great brand reputation and that do a good job of supporting the marketing efforts of their franchisees. However, not all business owners are so lucky. It’s not uncommon to hear about franchisees who are really struggling with branding and marketing. Sometimes, [...]

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How Technology Is Empowering Franchises to Do More

Technology is influencing the competitive landscape for businesses of all kinds—and at FranNet DFW we are definitely seeing an impact on how franchises operate. Part of the reason is a generational shift. There’s been a 93% increase in business ownership among those aged 20-39 in recent years. These Gen X and Millennial entrepreneurs weren’t raised [...]

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Trick or Treat: What Will Having a Business Really Be Like?

If you’re driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, chances are high that you like adventure. But that doesn’t mean you like all kinds of surprises when it comes to being a business owner. Situations that come out of nowhere to disrupt your plans can leave you reeling. At the same time, you may find unforeseen benefits [...]

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What Should You Be Working On In Your Business?

It’s almost Labor Day—a time to recognize all the diligent effort your employees put in to help make your business strong. But it’s also a good time to reflect on what’s working in your business, and how to make it work better. Here are just a few questions to kick around as you prepare for [...]

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Are You Feeling the Heat in Your Business?

It’s August, and that means hot weather. But it may not be the temperature outside that brings stress into your life. Spending all day putting out fires in your business could make you feel like the summer will never end. You’re not alone. For many small business owners, vacation time is replaced with worry and [...]

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Four Ways Owning a Business Brings You Independence

With the celebration Independence Day this month, it’s a wonderful time to stop and reflect about how to be independent in life. What does it mean to set your own course? Determine your own destiny? Create the present and the future in a way that’s meaningful and fulfilling? As small business owners, it’s often tempting [...]

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Can You Take a Vacation from Your Business?

School is out for the summer, and it’s time to start planning all those fun activities that the typical American family enjoys. Whether that’s taking the kids to Disneyland or enjoying a week away with your spouse on a tropical beach, you deserve to relax. But when you are a small business owner, it often [...]

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Five Signs That You Have Graduated as a Franchise Owner:

May is the time of graduations. Youngsters are moving to the next grade, getting out of school, or celebrating the completion of a degree. But there are many other important graduations that might be occurring in your life right now. Getting a first job, buying a home, and becoming a parent are all important transitions [...]

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What Culture Will You Build as a Business Owner?

If you’ve ever worked at a corporate job you hated because of a dreadful company culture, it can be exciting to think about owning a business of your own. Finally, you have the opportunity to create a great place to work! As the person who sets the tone for the entire workplace, you have power [...]

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