Jerry Bird

Market President

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WELCOME Are you looking for franchise opportunities in Alabama or East Tennessee? Are you interested in knowing what business opportunities are available in Knoxville, TN or perhaps Birmingham, AL? Or …



Are you looking for franchise opportunities in Alabama or East Tennessee? Are you interested in knowing what business opportunities are available in Knoxville, TN or perhaps Birmingham, AL? Or maybe you are more interested in Chattanooga, TN or Huntsville, AL? Wherever your heart desires to call home, there are franchise business opportunities that fit your location and you to a T.

When you embark upon your journey to find the right business venture, you will discover that it can be a long and confusing process. Should you start your own business or buy a franchise for sale? Where do you get the funds for this business? How many employees can you afford? Should you be a hands-on manager? Or an absentee owner? The list goes on and on.

This is where I come in. With the knowledge and skills to help you sift through the piles of information and find the perfect business venture match for you, I am the one person you want to have in your corner as you navigate your way down the confusing path to franchise ownership.

As a FranNet Franchise Consultant, I help people throughout the Alabama and East Tennessee area investigate and explore a variety of franchise opportunities. I offer direction, information, resources and support to help people find a business model that meets their individual needs.

And, best of all, there is ABSOLUTELY NO COST to you for this expertise. If you are considering business ownership consider buying a franchise to speed up the process and eliminate many typical start-up concerns.

With hundreds of franchise opportunities in Alabama and the eastern Tennessee region there is very likely one that's just right for you. Take a few minutes and explore my website. You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Or, if you are reading that list of social media sites and thinking you are not really that technologically savvy, don’t worry! You can always get in touch with me by just picking up the phone and calling 423-591-4860. I'm here to help you.


Jerry Bird provides education and support to individuals who are interested in owning franchised businesses. With an extensive background in the business world, Jerry has the right combination of Executive Management, Business Ownership and Franchise Experience to help you match your interest, goals and skills to the right franchise for YOU!

Upon graduating from the University of Georgia, Jerry began climbing the corporate ladder for one of the oldest and largest companies in the retail industry. After achieving the position of Vice President of Store Operations, Jerry then went on to pursue several new opportunities including managing the largest franchise for one of the premier franchises (U.S. and International), serving as Managing Director of a large Beverage Supplier with world-wide distribution, and owning and operating his own business – including positioning it for sale.

According to Jerry, “'There are many people out there with an entrepreneurial spirit but are unsure what to do with it and that’s where I can help. My goal is to help those people find the business that falls in line with their overall goals, personality and professional skill set.'

Jerry’s background makes him uniquely suited to assist you in realizing your dream of small business ownership. Take advantage of all he has to offer while making your own dreams come true!


When not helping clients follow their dreams or spending time with his five grandchildren, Jerry keeps busy with a variety of activities. He is a member of the International Franchise Association (IFA), the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce, the Alabama Franchise Association, the Rotary Club of Cleveland, and Main Street Cleveland.

Additionally, Jerry serves as the Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Tennessee Small Business Development Centers, as a member of the Business Advisory Board at Chattanooga State Community College, as a member of the Small Business Advisory Board for the Cleveland Chamber of Commerce, and as an executive advisor and counselor at the Chattanooga SCORE chapter.

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