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What is a FranNet Franchise Consultant?

A FranNet consultant is your one-stop-shop for all franchise information and services. Our job is to ensure you find the right business that maximizes your odds of success and happiness and allows you to meet your lifestyle, career, and financial goals.

How do we help?

We help you by providing assorted research and information that will help you investigate different franchises to start your own business. We can introduce you to many different franchisors, so rather than having to go from place to place to learn about specific businesses, you can learn the basics about several options all in one spot! This saves you time and money.

FranNet Consultants help save you time and money in several ways: by educating you about franchising, by helping you research your business, by identifying the right structure and strategic mix of the businesses you are interested in, and by introducing you to the franchisors that fit your model.

We'll encourage you to thoroughly research any franchise that you are investigating, and we'll even help you find franchise attorneys and other advisors so you can gain more information before you buy. We believe that the more you know, the better the odds are that the choice you make will be a good one. As a result, we stress that you spend the necessary time to research before you buy. Once you've bought the business, it's too late to change your mind.

How much do we cost?

FranNet Consulting Services are 100% Free For Our Clients. Like a real estate agent, we make our commission only if and when a deal closes and are paid by the seller, not you, the buyer.

How can we work together?

  1. Take Our Entrepreneur Readiness Profile
    • Create your free Readiness Profile to evaluate the best business ownership options for you. First, you will complete a personality analysis and an investment range determination. From there, our algorithm can help determine what franchise options in your local market may be best able to meet your goals.
  2. We Will Review Your Readiness Profile
    • Once you have your Entrepreneur Readiness Profile results, you may request a free, no-obligation review session with your local franchise consultant. During this meeting, you can gain more insight into what franchise opportunities may be best for your goals.
  3. We'll Discuss Your Franchise Options
    • After the review of your Readiness Profile, we work with you to determine what local franchise options may be worth exploring. Your local consultant will present you with a number of options and depending on which ones you are interested in, your consultant will make an introduction.
  4. Introduction To Your Ideal Franchise Brands
    • We will help facilitate those introductions and coach you on the due diligence process. We will also provide guidance on which questions to ask, the Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDDs), and the tools you can use to rank the franchise opportunities for yourself.
  5. Introduction to Existing Franchisees of the Brands You Like
    • Once you've learned more about each franchise opportunity that you are interested in, you will be able to speak with active franchisees in their respective organizations to validate the business, support, and overall success of each opportunity.
  6. Attend a Discovery Day
    • Before making a formal commitment to a franchise opportunity, you will attend a Discovery Day, usually on-site at the corporate headquarters of the specific franchise you're interested in (In the wake of COVID-19, many franchisors are offering virtual Discovery Days). This Discovery Day is a great opportunity for you to meet the top management team, see their operational facility, and learn more about the day-to-day life of owning a business under their brand.
  7. Making a Final Decision with FranNet By Your Side
    • Once you return from a Discovery Day, you'll be in a position to decide if that specific franchise is the right fit for you. If it is, we'll provide the necessary referrals to franchise attorneys, accountants, and funding partners to help complete your franchise due diligence. From there, it is your choice to sign the final franchise agreement and become a franchisee.

How do you determine if business ownership through franchising is right for you? With 4000+ franchise opportunities in the market today, how do you choose? I consult with corporate professionals, investors, and aspiring entrepreneurs to answer these questions.

Work feels quite different when your talent and time is invested in a business that’s your own. As a successful multi-brand franchise owner myself, I am uniquely qualified to guide you through the franchise buying process. I’ll teach you how to choose the best franchise brands in proven, growing industries.

There are many reasons successful people own franchise businesses:

  • Hedging against employment insecurity
  • Diversifying income sources to create more wealth
  • Creating an exit strategy to leave an unsatisfying job
  • Fulfilling leadership potential and personal growth
  • Transitioning from a corporate career to a retirement career
  • Helping family members succeed
  • Community contribution

After a rewarding chapter with Mail Boxes Etc. (now The UPS Store), my father and I launched our franchise consulting business in 1999; we’re well-versed in growing a family business during strong economic times and in recessions. We’ve proudly helped over 500 individuals and families choose the best franchise brand for their needs and goals.

Are you willing to take the first step to explore being in business for yourself and in charge of your future?


Vanderbilt University - BA, Communications


2020 FranNet Top Performing Consultant Award
2020 FranNet #2 Enterprise Office Award
2019 FranNet Top Performance Award
2019 FranNet Core Values Award
2018 Top 5 Enterprise Office
2018 Best Communications Awarded by FranNet Franchisor Partners
2017 FranNet Top Enterprise Office Award
2017 FranNet Top Consultant Award
2016 FranNet Top 5 Enterprise Office Award
2016 FranNet Commitment to Excellence Award
2011 FranNet Top 3 Enterprise Office Award
2011 FranNet Commitment to Excellence Award
2010 FranNet Top 3 Enterprise Office Award
2010 FranNet Commitment to Excellence Award
2009 FranNet Top 3 Enterprise Office Award
2008 FranNet Top 3 Enterprise Office Award
2007 FranNet Consultant of the Year
2007 FranNet Top 3 Enterprise Office Award
2004 FranNet Consultant of the Year
2002 FranNet Consultant of the Year
2001 FranNet Rising Star Award


Leslie became an Amazon bestselling business author as one of 15 franchise industry thought leaders contributing to More Than Just French Fries, a collaborative work on successful business ownership through franchising. Leslie is featured in Chapter 9: 'Family Ties' where she discusses multi-generational franchise ownership.

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