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WHAT’S NEW? Leslie Kuban was recently interviewed by the Atlanta Small Business Network about how she matches people to their perfect franchise and industries enjoying upward growth in franchising. 2019 …



  • Leslie Kuban was recently interviewed by the Atlanta Small Business Network about how she matches people to their perfect franchise and industries enjoying upward growth in franchising.

  • 2019 promises to be another strong year for franchising with the "gig economy" driving the acceleration of the side-gig business. Read more about how to take this path to flexibility and financial freedom in Leslie's article, Side Gig Business Ownership Expected to Accelerate in 2019.

  • As the number of individuals and families Leslie and her team have helped into business ownership approaches the 500 mark, she reflects on 20 years and 20 lessons learned.


Leslie Kuban is a franchise industry expert, CFE (Certified Franchise Executive), and Atlanta Market President of FranNet since 1999. Leslie's personal experience as a multi-brand franchise owner provides a unique perspective to help her clients assess their real opportunities, risks, and timing to make sound decisions.

Named "Top FranNet Consultant" and "Top Enterprise Office" multiple times, Leslie and her consultant team have achieved national recognition for helping nearly 500 individuals and families achieve their dreams of business ownership.

Leslie is a guest lecturer for the MBA and EMBA programs at Emory University and Kennesaw State University and a founding member of the Georgia State University Franchise Entrepreneurship Advisory Board.


Vanderbilt University - BA, Communications


2018 Top 5 Enterprise Office
2018 Best Communications Awarded by FranNet Franchisor Partners
2017 FranNet Top Enterprise Office Award
2017 FranNet Top Consultant Award
2016 FranNet Top 5 Enterprise Office Award
2016 FranNet Commitment to Excellence Award
2011 FranNet Top 3 Enterprise Office Award
2011 FranNet Commitment to Excellence Award
2010 FranNet Top 3 Enterprise Office Award
2010 FranNet Commitment to Excellence Award
2009 FranNet Top 3 Enterprise Office Award
2008 FranNet Top 3 Enterprise Office Award
2007 FranNet Consultant of the Year
2007 FranNet Top 3 Enterprise Office Award
2004 FranNet Consultant of the Year
2002 FranNet Consultant of the Year
2001 FranNet Rising Star Award


Leslie became an Amazon bestselling business author as one of 15 franchise industry thought leaders contributing to More Than Just French Fries, a collaborative work on successful business ownership through franchising. Leslie is featured in Chapter 9: 'Family Ties' where she discusses multi-generational franchise ownership.

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    Learn How to Fund Your Business Start-up or Your Purchase of an Existing Business or Franchise! If you have been wondering how you will fund your new business venture, simply reserve …View Event
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    Quit wondering, “Am I cut out to be a business owner?” Start your discovery with this webinar! FranNet can help introduce you to what may turn out to be your true …View Event
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2019 Franchise Buyers Review

2019 Franchise Buyers Review   Earlier this year, I wrote about the growing diversity in today’s franchise buyers. It’s fascinating and wonderful to work with such varied stages of life, needs, goals and interests all finding their “right fit” in franchising. There’s Millennials to later career Boomers. Multi-generational teams and semi-passive investor/owners continue to surge. […]

December 23, 2019

10 Industries You Probably Never Think of as Franchises

When you hear the word “franchise,” what image pops up? Most likely, it’s a fast-food chain; and, even more likely, it’s your favorite fast food. Is it time for lunch yet?   If you’ve dismissed franchise ownership because you don’t want to flip burgers or make sandwiches, you’re missing out on a vast world of opportunities. […]

August 15, 2019

Family Ties

As published in the Amazon bestseller, More Than Just French Fries: 15 Business Thought Leaders Share Insights on Franchising Success. My business story started when I was five. My father worked in corporate sales and marketing at the time. When he arrived home one day, I had set up shop with my toys on my […]

August 7, 2019

New Dad, New Town, and New Franchise in Four Months

Michelle and Ryan Kinsley are a dynamic young couple who always envisioned themselves as business owners. They were focused on finding a business that would be right for their newly growing family but overwhelmed with so many options. With Ryan’s background as a government analyst, he knew how to do the research, but decided he […]

June 11, 2019

I Want Change…So Long As There’s No Change

I work daily with people yearning for a fresh change in their career path and their means to earning a living. They’re looking to start a business or buy a franchise opportunity as an avenue to greater fulfillment in their work, control over their growth and to achieve financial goals. Great, let’s get started! The […]

May 11, 2019

Millennial Moms in Franchising

Millennials may be the most debated generation in history. Statistics are readily available as experts try to predict their needs, goals, motivations and choices. While we’re busy letting our opinions about them fly, millennials are getting busy – transforming norms, altering buying habits, starting families, and growing successful businesses.  According to Pew Research those born […]

May 8, 2019

Who’s Buying Franchise Businesses Today?

Take a minute and think about the typical franchise owner. Chances are, you’re imaging a middle-aged corporate professional looking for a change and wanting to be their own boss. Many successful and satisfied franchise owners do fit this mold, but the fact is the profile for franchise ownership is expanding, and fast.  A diverse group […]

March 6, 2019

Top 5 Reasons Business Owners Sell

There’s a common misconception that a business for sale must be having problems. After all, if a business was successful and thriving, why wouldn’t the owner continue to milk income from it? In reality, there are plenty of perfectly valid reasons an owner would choose to sell a well-run, profitable business. Here are the five […]

November 1, 2018

Success as Your Own Boss Comes Down to Self-Belief

Jeff Haden, contributing editor to Inc., delivers an important message to entrepreneurial hopefuls in “14 Great Reasons to Start Your Own Business Today.” This article knocks down like dominos the typical excuses and rationalizations that hold people back from achieving their entrepreneurial potential.  In my work, I hear F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real) all the […]

August 3, 2018


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