Employee to Entrepreneur

I have invited you here to learn more about exploring career opportunities that don’t involve returning to the corporate world.

Not everyone has thought about starting their own business as their career path of choice.  For many, following a more traditional career, working up the corporate ladder has been their preference.  With our current economic upheaval, low oil prices, and Covid-19, significantly changing our world of late, the question on your mind may be; So, what do I do now?

Some perspective from Chuck:

I started my first business when I was 27 years old – in the middle of a recession – the first of 4 recessions throughout my career.  People thought I was “nuts” and should wait until there was more economic certainty on the horizon.  I chose to persevere and launched my service base, Business to Business, enterprise… with humble beginnings.  Did I struggle?  Absolutely.  It wasn’t until a business/ high school friend of mine recommended I read The E-Myth by Michael Gerber (A must read) to help me through many of my early challenges.  This book set me upon a new roadmap to success and I still use many of these concepts 30+ years later.

During the first two recessions (early 90’s, and 2000), I learned to seize the opportunity to re-evaluate: both myself as an owner and my business. Our team analyzed and refined our internal processes, our marketing, and invested heavily in our staff training.  When the economy turned positive, our entire company had a new focus.  We were already well ahead of our competition when the economy turned positive gaining a disproportionate market share over them as a result of our internal efforts.

And now we are in the midst of another economic recession triggered in part by Covid-19.  Alberta has already suffered from 4 years of low oil prices and now Covid-19 hit to really throw the economy out of whack.  What I have learned through these challenging times is what we can and cannot control.  We can control our TIME and how to best use it, and our MINDSET.  TIME is finite, our MINDSET is subjective.  And this is where you and I may come together.  Back to the previous question; What do I do now?

Being an entrepreneur for the majority of my career, I am passionate to help others achieve the same level of control of their time, their financial goals, and the fulfillment of being a successful business owner.

In short, I provide two types of services;

  1. Education to help people gain a deeper understanding of franchising in Canada
    • Learn about business ownership options as a career alternative
    • Semi-passive ownership options to create a second income
    • Understand the range of investments and what is required
    • Develop your business model to deliver on your personal, professional, financial and lifestyle criteria
    • How to conduct proper fact-based research
  2. Work 1 on 1 with serious prospective franchise owners to find and research the smartest, safest opportunities that align with their budget, skills, preferences and lifestyle goals

Many of our clients are faced with career transition through no fault of their own or they are not feeling secure with their current position and decide business ownership may be a better option to explore.

The decision to purchase a franchise comes at the end of extensive due diligence.  The decision to consider looking at a franchise comes after education, preparation and planning.

Almost everyone who reaches out to me is at the very beginning of their search and education is an obvious starting point.  I invite you to take the opportunity to learn with the following resources to kick start your education:

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I look forward to connecting with you as you start your entrepreneurial journey.


Chuck Prenevost

FranNet Western Canada

Apr 27, 2020