Holiday Horror Story in My First Franchise

Updated from original publish date of December 3rd, 2015.

The world has changed in many ways since this article was originally published in 2015. Still, this story remains one of my favorites, not only during the holidays, but in the franchise consulting role that’s been my passion since I owned my first business.

The holiday season is my favorite time of year filled with cheerful gatherings, family traditions and gift giving. But things were not entirely merry and bright for me back when I owned my first franchise.

When I learned of an opportunity to take over an existing Mailboxes Etc. franchise in Marietta, Georgia, I was all about it. What could possibly be more exciting? I would be in charge of my own destiny and charting the course for my future, so in the Spring of 1996 I jumped at the chance. Supported by a strong parent franchisor and fellow franchisees, I began to build my business, from relationships with repeat customers and increase revenue. I was my own boss and growing, but I never accounted for the impact the business would have on my lifestyle.

When the holiday season rolled around, I knew I would be busy, but I wasn’t prepared to work beyond exhaustion, spending evenings and weekends in a much different way than ever before.  I loved my business and my MBE family, but I began to almost dread the holidays.

In time, I also realized that the business might not be the best fit for my skills. I liked to be out and about during the workday and this model called for a behind the counter management style. I was aware of the sacrifices I was going to have to make, but had I really thought about it, I may have made a different decision.

It wasn’t until after I had sold my MBE business that I was introduced to the concept of franchise consulting. I was immediately attracted to what FranNet does because it’s a process I wish I had gone through. How much more successful would I have been if I had worked with a franchise consultant to walk me through all the questions I needed to be asking, mostly of myself?

There is no perfect business. Entrepreneurs often pontificate about trade-offs. It’s not exactly easy to leave behind the consistency of a corporate paycheck to go out on your own. But while conceptually losing that sense of security,  you will gain a tremendous amount of freedom, flexibility and control. I certainly had to make trade offs in those early days as a franchise owner, but I’m forever grateful to Mailboxes Etc. because those lessons learned were also an invaluable gift that I’ve had the privilege of passing on to prospective franchise owners for the last 16 years.

Let me guide you through a thoughtful process that will help you avoid a holiday nightmare and invest in a business that you will enjoy during the holidays and every other season. Message me through LinkedIn or call me at 770-579-3726.

Dec 28, 2020