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FranNet Through the Years…An Unstoppable Force

Over the past three decades, FranNet has become an unstoppable force in the franchising industry. With over 60 affiliated offices in the U.S. and Canada, we’ve grown our brand into the most trusted and respected franchise broker group in North America. This blog edition is a celebration of our success through the years, so prepare [...]

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FRANdata Analysis: Restaurant Franchising Could Be a Smart Bet

The restaurant and hospitality industry were among the hardest hit by the global pandemic. Aside from the obvious reason—crowded indoor dining and the risk of a highly transmissible virus—there is now statistical data that tallies up the damage. In January, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) released an industry report that includes key findings from surveying [...]

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Ready, Set, Go! 2021 Post-Covid Outlook is Unstoppable

A year ago this week, things looked very bleak across the board. The rapid spread of Coronavirus was upending the U.S. economy, shuttering businesses, schools, and our normal lives as we knew them. It’s no longer useful to look back and revisit the questions we once asked of ourselves. Could we get a handle on [...]

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The Unstoppable Fight for the Right Fit

When the concept of department stores spread, they introduced customers to fitting rooms. The idea was to ensure that garments were the right “fit” before being purchased. Just the same, FranNet believes clients should examine multiple franchise concepts to find the right ownership fit. In fact, it’s considered one of our unstoppable fights. There is [...]

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Another Client Success Story: Meet Blair Paul

Blair has recently become one of the newest owners of a Junkluggers franchise—a business opportunity that’s seeing high demand. Read this tale, as he explains the journey in his own words… Background “I’m from the island of Newfoundland in Canada. After earning a Bachelor of Commerce degree in international business and entrepreneurship I relocated to [...]

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Localized Reach and Experience Make FranNet Unstoppable

This month, we’re celebrating the tenacity of our individual consultants who didn’t let a little thing like the pandemic get in the way of helping entrepreneurs become business owners through franchising. FranNet Consultants are “Virtually Unstoppable!” Can’t meet in person with our consultants to discuss the results of FranNet’s Entrepreneurial Assessment Profile? Fine. We’ll just [...]

Another Franchisee Journey…Meet Janet Carmichael

At FranNet, we like nothing more than celebrating the success of our clients. In this edition of our FranNet Testimonial Series, we meet Janet Carmichael of Nashville, TN, who just celebrated her 10-year anniversary as the owner of a Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More franchise. Our very own Market President of Tennessee and Arkansas, [...]

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Tax & Financial Reporting Required by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Did you know that the franchising industry in Canada makes up the 12th largest sector of our economy? According to the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA), franchising contributes over $100 Billion CAD annually to our economy, creating close to two million jobs for Canadians. That’s a lot of loonies and toonies to keep track of! Because [...]

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Another Oil & Gas Entrepreneurial Journey: Meet Chad & Stormie Caldwell

With the assistance of FranNet of Houston and the Gulf Coast Region, Chad & Stormie Caldwell became two of the newest Oasis Senior Advisors franchise owners. According to Stormie, who shares the couple’s journey, it was the right move at the right time. Background “Chad spent more than 15 years as a petroleum engineer/scientist for [...]

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A Few Words About the FranNet – SCORE Partnership

This month, FranNet once again renewed our partnership with the SCORE Association. If you’re unfamiliar with SCORE, they’re the nonprofit resource partner of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). As the nation’s largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, SCORE is dedicated to launching small businesses and fostering their sustainable growth. During the past five [...]

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