How to Spring Into Action and Become Your Own Boss

March 1 is the beginning of the meteorological spring season, a time of the year known for annual traditions like spring cleaning, opening the windows to fresh air, and preparing for a stretch of improved weather. Many are more than happy to welcome spring because it’s calling card is one of renewal. A renewal of plants, vegetation, yards, and rebirth among a wide range of wildlife species.

But it can also be a time of rebirth and renewal for your career.

As we slogged our way through 2020, many people chose to take stock in their lives and reflect on our current situation and choices. Are we truly doing what we like? Have we reached our full potential? Will we ever take proactive steps to reach our lifestyle goals? If you undertook exercises such as this and aren’t satisfied with where you stand, what will you do about it? You can use this time to “spring” into action and investigate the possibilities of your underutilized potential. Here are some helpful things to consider:

Assess Your Spend

If you’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur, you may not get a better chance for a while. The pandemic has upended deep-rooted balances in multiple industries, leaving untold opportunity in its wake. With increased access to capital designed to help our economic recovery, take the time to assess your investment capabilities and see what level of participation you can successfully manage

Choose Wisely

What type of business ownership are you looking for? You may have a preconceived notion or a secret interest in mind, but if you’d like to investigate opportunities that play to your strengths, there are assessments that can reveal your best bets

Use Your Network

Everyone knows someone who is a business owner or entrepreneur. Now is the time to put your networking skills to the test. Seek these people out and ask for an appointment to discuss your business ownership curiosity. You’ll likely find that many people are flattered when asked to provide advice and direction. Each conversation has the potential to lead you further along in the entrepreneurial process

A change in seasons is always a welcome moment and an opportunity. We spring forward, we fall back, but we make changes in our lives to suit our needs and desires. Budding entrepreneurs constantly wonder about the timing of their moves. Have they done enough research? Do they have the right number of resources? Is now the best time to take proactive action and make my business ownership dreams come true?

Only you can answer that question truthfully. And while consultants like myself are more than happy to help you chart a course of your own, the decision is in your heart. But I can tell you one thing. Planning to plan, then plan some more, so that you can keep planning is a self-defeating philosophy. At some point, you have to spring into action, if you want to become your own boss.

If you’re all in for 2021 and want to begin an entrepreneurial journey as a couple, FranNet of Dallas-Fort Worth & Oklahoma can help. We’ve helped dozens of couples find the perfect franchise ownership opportunity and we can do the same for you. To begin your Entrepreneur Readiness Profile, please reach out and schedule a no-cost, no obligation meeting with us. Together we’ll find and match you with a franchise that meets your standard of business ownership and lifestyle goals.

Mar 2, 2021