Lead-Generation is Everything. Here’s What We’re Expecting in 2023

Lead-Generation is Everything. Here’s What We’re Expecting in 2023…

Though we’ve now entered the third month of the new calendar year, it’s still a time to review various outlooks in the franchising industry – and the business of consulting and lead-generation is among the most important to FranNet. As independent franchise experts, we do our best to keep abreast of the latest news and information that can help us do a better job while helping you become your own boss. You see, allowing entrepreneurs to establish the business ownership opportunities of their dreams is kind of our thing.



But what should we, as FranNet consultants, think about the current franchising landscape? Will economic uncertainty – roundly preached but not yet apparent – play a factor in our jobs, or those of our prospective franchise owners? How might our relationship evolve to serve our target market better? And what opportunities, tools, and resources lay before us that can help advance our cause? FranNet decided to do a little research. Here are three key things we’d like to share.


Going Mainstream

It’s expected that franchise consultants will continue to play an increasing role in connecting potential franchisees with brands. Over the past few years, we’ve seen a trend in which more franchisors are turning to consultants and brokers to broaden their appeal among a vital target market. Not surprising, considering that numerous studies reveal that consultants rank among the highest for producing solid leads to franchisors. Franchise consulting is also a specific skill. We’re educators first – careful to take a measured approach with clients who, at times, are more than eager to cross the finish line before the starting gun even sounds. But it’s not just the franchisors that are noting the increased value of working with qualified franchise consultants. Grassroots referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations from satisfied clients have helped many of our consultants increase their own customer base in recent years.


Casting a Wider Net

The success of FranNet’s business model has long held that consultants are connected to the territories where they live and work. After all – who knows the local and regional business climate better than the residents themselves? While this strategy has certainly paid off for the company, there’s now an inclination to expand outreach beyond the traditional scope. Consultants circulating beyond their own boundaries – such as attending the ever-increasing amount of franchising’s diverse collection of trade shows and expos – may be an advisable strategy. The target market of disaffected Corporate Americans isn’t getting any smaller. Consultants may have to cast a wider net and meet these folks among a bigger pond of qualified prospects.


Information Overload

Over the past few years, the majority of franchisors have really stepped up their brand awareness game. Utilizing highly professional content development campaigns, including blogs, newsletters, media outreach, and other supporting marketing materials, it’s easier than ever for prospective franchisees to find much of the relevant information they need. But consultants will now play a much more crucial role in helping them through this due diligence process – separating the vital information from the riff-raff. The core specialty of any franchise consultant is his or her ability to help clients navigate their way through the franchising process – which may require a different approach on a case-by-case basis. Franchisors are quickly evolving by developing unique corporate cultures designed to attract the precise type of owner they’re looking for. And perhaps no one has a better read on this type of intricate matchmaking than the caliber of consultants who work with FranNet.


At FranNet, we’re quite optimistic about our approach to the new year. Simply stated, we want – and intend – to own the franchise consulting space in 2023. Facilitating lead-generation on behalf of the brands in our franchise inventory is our prime objective. And, if all goes according to plan, perhaps we’ll have the fortunate opportunity to help hundreds and hundreds more entrepreneurs become their own boss.


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Mar 6, 2023