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Think You Can’t Afford to Buy a Franchise? Think Again

Dreaming of becoming a business owner but feel you don’t have enough money? If so, there is a surprising solution that could solve your problem – using your retirement funds – better known as 401(k) business financing or Rollover as Business Start-Ups (ROBS). Before you get nervous about depleting your retirement fund, read on. ROBS [...]

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Former Engineer & Professor Discovers the Life Changing Opportunity of Franchise Ownership

With a lot of people who enter franchising, you hear the moniker, “Second Act” of their careers. But with Debbie McMahon, proud owner of a Big Frog Custom T-Shirt franchise in San Antonio, TX, we’re talking fourth or fifth act. Debbie has enjoyed an illustrious career that has taken her all over the country and [...]

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Franchise Training Programs Speed Up Profits

One of the greatest advantages of investing in a franchise instead of starting a business from scratch is that franchisors provide training to help owners launch and run the business successfully.  When starting a business from scratch, you are by yourself and left to either figure out what works or find someone with the expertise [...]

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Why You Should Start a Franchise While Still Employed

Not quite ready to leave your job but still want to invest in your future? Franchise ownership can make that happen. Whether you’re happily employed, tired of the corporate rat race or stuck in a dead-end job, running a franchise part-time while you’re still employed is possible and can be a smart way to achieve [...]

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3 Reasons Franchise Ownership is One of the Best Investments

When people think about the best investments for the long-term, they often think about buying stock, putting money in a 401K or becoming a real estate mogul. While these investments are all good ideas to prepare for retirement, there is another smart way to invest that many people miss – franchise ownership. Here are three [...]

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3 Reasons Franchise Ownership is a Better Deal

When people think about owning their own small business, they tend to picture building it from the ground up: starting in their home office with just a desk and a dream, and slowly expanding and making a name for themselves over time. While this can be very rewarding if you’re successful, there’s another way to [...]

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How to Buy a Franchise

Thinking about buying a franchise but not sure where to start? The first step is to gain an understanding of how the process works. To get started, read the 10 steps outlined in the article. If you prefer personalized assistance to walk through the entire process in depth, we have franchise consultants throughout Southwest Texas [...]

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How to Differentiate a Good Franchise Consultant From the Rest

When we meet people and tell them about what we do, it is not uncommon for them to tell us that they have never heard of a franchise consultant service like ours before. They sometimes ask why someone would want our help. If they have heard about our unique niche in franchising, it may be [...]

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5 “Must Have” Skills to be a Successful Franchise Owner

If you’re thinking about investing in a franchise, the first step is assessing whether or not you would be a successful franchise owner. Many people are excited about the idea of franchise ownership and eager to find the most successful franchise but there many things that must be considered prior to making that decision. According [...]

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FranNet Consultant Merri Cronk Helps Retired Pilot Find a Second Career

Franchise Consultant Merri Cronk was excited to recently help a retired Air Force pilot find a second career with the franchise, Lawn Doctor.  Rich and his wife Patsy had looked into a fast food restaurant but when that fell through, the couple contacted Merri, who showed them four quality franchises that would achieved their personal [...]

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