Opportunity Knocking! DFW’s Shortage of Storage Units

Sometimes you really have to be paying attention to spot an opportunity in life. And for those of us in North Texas and Oklahoma, this year’s extreme weather is causing ripple effects in our lives that have yet to be discovered. The unprecedented extreme cold we faced just a few weeks back was difficult enough to endure without power. But it was a secondary factor that’s caused a shortage of storage units in the Metroplex and beyond—burst pipes.

How is this a business opportunity? You might have initially guessed that home repair services like plumbing contractors and handyman crews would benefit from the surge in demand to have pipes fixed and drywall replaced. Perhaps even junk and debris hauling companies. But for many in the multi-family unit apartment buildings, the call to vacate was immediate and lasting. What to do with all of their undamaged possessions?

Portable storage unit ownership to the rescue! If you’d be interested in learning about portable storage business ownership through franchising, UNITS Moving and Portable Storage is a great place to start. For a quick snapshot of the self-storage market growth, consider these facts cited in a report from Research and Markets, United States Self-Storage Market – Growth, Trends, COVID-19 Impact, and Forecasts (2021-2026):

“Due to the rising urban population, between 1970-2018, the growth in consumer spending on goods and services is facilitating the need for storage spaces. This is evident from the fact that according to the world bank, the United States had 82.25% of the population living in urban areas of the city as compared to 80.77% in 2010. This has presented the self-storage vendors in the region with a lucrative opportunity to build such spaces that allows the user to store his belongings safely and securely at a cheap price.”

For the self-storage industry, factors such as natural disasters (the 2021 Icepocalypse), an unsettled housing market, and the pending return to normalcy, the U.S. could be on the move again very shortly—both literally and figuratively.

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Mar 30, 2021