What’s New? The Latest from the Canadian Franchise Association (CFA)

As a member in good standing with this organization, FranNet of Canada would like to draw your attention to a website you should bookmark. If you aren’t a regular visitor to the Canadian Franchise Association’s (CFA) website, you’re missing some quality content, information, and resources about franchising in Canada. As the most influential nonprofit trade association for the franchising industry in Canada, their purpose is to help everyday Canadians realize their own entrepreneurial dreams of owning a business of their own. Their mission is to amplify the understanding and power of franchising by advocating for entrepreneurial issues, connecting individuals with opportunities, and providing resources that educate, inform, and inspire.


Here’s a collection of resources designed to provide you with the knowledge necessary to empower your efforts to own a business of your own through franchising.

Educational Resources

You can get a comprehensive look at all the CFA has to offer by visiting their Education & Information page. Whether it’s upcoming events, mentoring programs, legal resources, or even some of the latest research and statistics, this section is worth your time to browse. Don’t forget to flip through the latest e-zine issue of Franchise Canada, their host publication.

Franchise Canada TV

The CFA maintains a veritable library of videos, interviews, and how-to episodes on Franchise Canada TV. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel and receive regular updates when new content is posted. One of the most popular recurring episodes is a series titled, “Meet the Franchisee,” a profile interview of entrepreneurs who became franchise owners.

Franchise Canada Chats

This is a podcast series featuring Canada’s franchising experts, but it’s common for these episodes to be produced as a video as well. Franchise Canada Chats regularly hosts CFA members who discuss their expertise, their journey in the franchising world, and the challenges they face. They’re currently in their fifth season of episodes, so there are plenty of options to choose from in the vault.

Thought Leadership

Several of Canada’s leading franchise executives are regular contributors to Franchise Canada Online, where they author guest articles that cover the latest news and trends in the entrepreneurial industry. Be sure to catch the most recent submission from our very own Gary Prenevost, president of FranNet of Southern Ontario and Eastern Canada, entitled, “New Year, New Trends”.

If you’re what they call a budding entrepreneur, someone who dreams of owning their own business and wants to investigate franchise ownership to get there, the Canadian Franchise Association is a highly recommended starting point.

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Jan 28, 2022