FranNet Through the Years…An Unstoppable Force

Over the past three decades, FranNet has become an unstoppable force in the franchising industry. With over 60 affiliated offices in the U.S. and Canada, we’ve grown our brand into the most trusted and respected franchise broker group in North America. This blog edition is a celebration of our success through the years, so prepare for a journey of FranNet’s milestones and achievements…

34 years is a long time to be in business. Let’s look back on how it all started.

FranNet was founded in 1987 by Howard Bassuk’s parent company, Hobassco. It was then we began offering consulting services in the quest to match entrepreneurs with the best possible franchise opportunities. In 2006, a few of the established FranNet consultants, including our current CEO Jania Bailey, formed a centralized group and purchased the company from Bassuk and established their new headquarters in Louisville, KY.

The FranNet Difference

While FranNet isn’t the only franchise broker with national reach, the consultancy was designed to offer a few key differentiators than the competition. Combined, here are the qualities that make FranNet an unstoppable force in the franchising industry:

  • FranNet’s associates are independently owned consultancies, providing our clients with access to representatives who both live and work in the same territories they operate. Being locally based, these brokers are qualified to offer candidates relevant and targeted in-market advice, as well as access to professional service resources located right in their own communities.


  • FranNet consultants provide clients with guidance, navigation of the investigative process, and an education of the process to become a business owner through franchising. What we don’t provide are decisions, which are solely at the discretion of our candidates.


  • FranNet believes so strongly in our unstoppable mission to provide transparent advice and guidance that the company developed its own branded Client Bill of Rights. There are 10 in all, and well worth your time to review.

Blessed With Unstoppable Talent

During the key transition period in August of 2006, Jania Bailey joined FranNet to serve as president and chief operating officer. In 2015, Bailey assumed the role of CEO of FranNet. Under her leadership, she’s led the company through unprecedented growth, establishing FranNet as the most respected voice in the franchise consultant industry in North America. Bailey also authored the book, “Thriving – The Journey to Success in the Business World” and co-authored the Amazon best-selling book, “More Than Just French Fries.” Under Jania’s leadership, now spanning 10 years, FranNet has grown to nearly 120 consultants throughout the world and earned prestigious award recognitions from the industry’s most respected publishers and professional associations. In 2019, Bailey was presented with the International Franchise Association’s (IFA) Bonnie Levine Award, bestowed for contributions to the growth of FranNet, contributions to her community through board positions, volunteer work, and activities that promote the professional advancement of women as a mentor to women in franchising.

For FranNet, it’s been a long journey of hard work and dedication to our clients that earned us a reputation for being an unstoppable force in the franchising industry. But it wouldn’t have been possible to attain without our unstoppable key differentiators, unstoppable network of consultancies, and an unstoppable leader at the top.

May 5, 2021