What to Expect When You Meet With Us: Part I

People often ask what to expect when they meet with us here at FranNet of DFW and Oklahoma. If you’re not familiar with our dynamic duo, Sara Waskow handles clients in Fort Worth and surrounding counties and Oklahoma.  Roxanne Rapske handles clients in Dallas, north and east Texas and Oklahoma. With either option, you’re in the best of hands. What does an initial visit with a FranNet representative look like? We invite you to take a journey with us, as we break down a client visit in two parts.


This week, Part I, is all about the initial conversation and your personal FranNet Entrepreneurial Profile. Next week, we’ll cover what happens when you get your profile results, and the franchise investigative process really kicks off!

As we’ve mentioned before, clients across the U.S. always meet with a FranNet representative who is local. One who understands your community, the business atmosphere and the lay of the land in your own backyard, so to speak. Deciding to become your own boss is a serious decision. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, and it could be the all-important first step to changing your future for the better. People come to FranNet in many different ways. Some, we reach out to directly. Others are referred to us by former clients who’ve participated in the process and had a successful result. Sometimes our clients catch one of the many FranNet webinars or local seminars on the topic of franchising and business ownership.

During the franchise investigative process, expect to be surprised by our initial low-key approach. We begin in a comfortable setting, only asking questions about you. What are your life goals? Tell us about your career arc. What type of businesses appeal to you? What level of commitment are you looking to make? What are your income and lifestyle goals? It’s a very open-ended process and we don’t fill in the blanks for you. As you supply the answers, we simply collect the data.

You’ll be asked to participate in a personal assessment test, your Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile, to help us evaluate your options. As you may already know, there are thousands of franchise concepts available in the marketplace and our job is to make sure we narrow down the right fit based on your preferences.

For the Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile, there are four sections for clients to complete, which takes about 20 minutes to complete. The answers you provide create a profile that includes:

  • Your personal values
  • Your personal motivations
  • Your personal work style
  • Your investment toleranc

At its heart, the Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile is designed to define who you are, how you work, where your key strengths lie, and which specific franchise concepts match up well with your individual preferences. This concludes Part I of our two-part series. Stay tuned, as next week, we’ll go further in depth on what to expect when you meet with us—after your Entrepreneurial Readiness Profile has returned some results!

Sep 23, 2021