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6 Ways to Thank Your Employees When They Do an Outstanding Job

Business owners who have the pleasure of working with great employees know that they should be thankful for those employees. Not every employee does an outstanding job, so when you find one that does, it is a good idea to let them know they are appreciated. In honour of Thanksgiving, here are six ways you [...]

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How to Build a Franchise Support Team

To create a viable franchise, a franchisor must first develop the infrastructure for the entire franchise business. Without proper infrastructure in place, a company that is trying to franchise can find itself without adequate resources to support all its franchisees, which is a recipe for business disaster.  The foundation of this infrastructure is a good [...]

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Staffing Tips for New Canadian Franchise Owners

While starting a franchise business isn’t exactly the same as starting an independent business, it obviously has a lot of similarities. For one, you have to have a reliable and enthusiastic staff to help run your business. Even if you start it as a sole proprietorship, you will need to hire staff eventually once it [...]

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Tips for Developing Outstanding Employees

Once you’ve made your decision to enter the realm of entrepreneurship, you’ll become the thing you’ve always wanted to be—the boss. And guess what? The boss has employees. And you’ll learn sooner rather than later that your employees are your most vital asset. If treated well, they’ll work hard on your behalf. They’ll represent your [...]

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Be The Problem Solver

Here is the situation: you own a franchise or small business. It’s the first year, so you are working through the speed bumps every business faces. You have a handful of employees that are pulling your attention to a million different things, the budget is tight but your demands keep growing, and you are still [...]

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