6 Ways Your Life Will Change (for the Better) as a Franchise Owner

Deciding to pursue an entrepreneurial future is a big, life-changing decision. Typically, candidates get to this point one of two ways. They either always dreamed of owning a business of their own, or circumstances dictated the need for a radical change in their lives. Those who proceed are said to be “taking the proverbial plunge” or a “leap of faith.” Nobody disputes that risk is involved. But as we’re all well aware, with great risk often comes great rewards.



This week’s FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma blog post focuses on what those rewards look like, as we ponder the top six ways your life will change for the better as a franchise owner.


A Different Kind of Investment

When you decide to pursue business ownership, you’re contributing something special to yourself. Most initially think of the decision in terms of a financial investment. But what it really is comes down to an investment in yourself – a belief that you have the ability to chart a course of your own choosing. As many eventually discover, investing in yourself often pays better dividends than monetary gains. When you invest in yourself, you’re giving yourself permission to take a chance at grabbing for the brass ring. There’s something very noble about that, regardless of the outcome.

The Control Factor

When you work for others as an employee, your time doesn’t belong to you – it belongs to your employer. That’s the tacit agreement we enter when we accept a job working for someone else. But when you choose an entrepreneurial future – such as franchise ownership – control of your life returns to its rightful owner – YOU! Everything you do during your quest for success as a business owner is under your control, but you’ll also get the backing and guidance of a well-established franchisor.

Compensation Gains

As the owner of your own business, you’ll have an enhanced opportunity to increase your earning potential. No more hoping for more than a 2% increase during your annual review, franchise owners can go out and earn with reckless abandon. Franchisors work with their franchisees to set the benchmarks for earning potential, and there’s nothing holding you back from exceeding those expectations.

Freedom and Flexibility

As many a franchisee will tell you, one of the best aspects of owning your own business is the freedom and flexibility they now have. No more missing out on special occasions or personal appointments. As a franchise owner, you can determine and dictate what your schedule looks like. You’ll soon learn what a valuable asset convenience can be.

A Gateway to New Possibilities

Franchisees that launch their businesses believe they know where they’re headed. That’s what working with a proven business model can do for you, serve as a literal roadmap to success. But what many discover along the way is that business ownership opens the doors to dozens of new possibilities. Some become successful so quickly, they decide to expand and open a second – or third – location. Entrepreneurship can put you in a position to achieve things you never thought possible.

A Boost to Your Confidence

FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs become franchise owners. In this quest and over the years, we’ve seen plenty of clients grow and prosper beyond their expectations. In the process, it’s hard to miss that each of these candidates was able to boost their confidence levels. It’s one of the most recognizable common denominators of this industry – its ability to increase your self-assuredness.

The aforementioned benefits are but a few of the positive ways your life can change when you decide to pursue an entrepreneurial future. Obviously, there are many more we could list, but these benefits are among the most common and noticeable. If you’d like to explore what’s possible through franchise ownership, FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma invites you to contact us for a discovery session.


After all, why wait around when your life can easily change for the better?


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Jul 18, 2023