Franchise Spotlight: petbar Boutique


While there are literally thousands of business concepts to choose from, every now and then a brand gets especially red hot and deserves its own franchise spotlight. I’m Cynthia Mora and as one of FranNet’s consultants in Houston, I can attest to the growing popularity of petbar Boutique. I recently helped award a fifth petbar location in my area and wanted to share a few key details about this business-to-consumer ownership opportunity:

Dog’s Best Friend

Describing themselves as a “Dog’s Best Friend,” petbar Boutique is an onsite grooming facility that offers a full range of bathing services. You can bring your pup and perform the bath regimen yourself (self-service) or have a petbar associate handle it (full-service). Everything you need to get your canine fluffed and buffed is available at petbar including waist-high stainless steel washing tubs, cleaner, aprons, towels, brushes, and professional dryers. Some petbar locations even feature a pet taxi service to and from the facility making the entire process hassle free.

Here’s a super cool feature of this brand—with petbar Boutique, appointments aren’t necessary, and walk-ins are encouraged. No more booking weeks in advance with high-priced pet store chains. With petbar, it’s all about convenience. If your canine requires more than just a bath, such as clipping or grooming, no problem – that’s a petbar specialty with professional groomers onsite to keep your breed looking as spiffy as possible.

Once you explore the self-service convenience of petbar Boutique, you’ll likely want to keep coming back. Which is why petbar offers an affordable monthly membership program that includes unlimited baths and brushing for one low monthly price. The rates are determined by weight, and you can get a quote over the phone or onsite during your next visit.

Business Ownership with petbar Boutique

Does anyone want to guess how many dogs there are in the U.S.? About 90 million. And the annual spending for the pet care industry? About $95 billion. The initial investment level is low, and the brand’s proven business model is a simple proposition. The petbar Boutique is an emerging franchise brand which only began offering franchises in 2019. Yet this concept has become a hit with franchise candidates across the country. Currently, there are 30 new petbars set to open soon including the five new Houston area locations.

Having worked closely with petbar Boutique founders Dan & Ashley O’Loughlin, I’ve seen the comprehensive training and ongoing support offered by corporate which includes assistance with site selection, marketing, management training, operational tools, and even your grand opening. With respect to the brand’s phenomenal growth and popularity in such a short amount of time, here’s what Dan O’Loughlin had to say:

“My wife, Ashley, and I opened our first store in 2015 and got to witness firsthand that we were clearly on to something with the petbar Boutique business model. Thankfully, we did our own due diligence and made the jump to franchising the concept just two short years ago. The response has been quite similar to what we witnessed ourselves when we opened our first Dallas location. They say that dogs are our best friend, and we’re hoping to make petbar our dog’s best friend. So far, that plan is looking pretty good!”

Having read this franchise spotlight, if you’re interested in ownership of a petbar Boutique of your own, you can make a no-cost, no-obligation appointment with FranNet of Houston to review the business model and financial requirements. Together, we can investigate how well a petbar Boutique aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals.

Feb 9, 2022