How to Give Yourself a Meaningful Gift This Year

As Christmas continues its relentless march onward this year, you’re likely consumed with gift-giving activities at the moment. If you have kids, you’ll want to do your level-headed best to get them the latest and greatest trendy presents. Your significant other probably deserves something quite special. And your hard to shop for mother-in-law is probably drumming her hands, ready to lift a discerning eyebrow at your choice of a holiday gift. Oh, and did you remember to get something for your favorite neighbor? Your kid’s teacher at school? What about the White Elephant gift exchange party tomorrow night?


As you can tell, we’re trying to make a bit of a point here. You’d probably agree that you’re right in the midst of gift-giving mania, 2021 edition. But what about you? Have you even paused for a moment and considered that you deserve something nice as well? This blog is about how to give yourself a meaningful gift this year. These ideas may not apply uniformly to everyone, but hopefully one or two will spark inspiration in yourself. Because let’s face it—you do deserve something nice!

Permission to Try

This season, give yourself a meaningful gift like permission to try. Consider something outside of your comfort zone. Take up a new activity. Try that recipe you’re afraid to experiment with. Explore an area of your life that reminds you that you’re still alive. And that you matter.

Time Out

This year, consider easing up on the go-go-go lifestyle. Platitudes about carving out time for yourself isn’t just a cute meme on your social media timeline. You do need to block off time to work on yourself. We all have areas where we’d like to improve certain parts of our life, so make this the year you gift this abundance to yourself.

Forgive and Forget

We all make mistakes. It’s the ones we learn from that matter the most. If you’ve made an unwise choice, or something didn’t work out nearly the way you anticipated it—confront it. Deal with it. And put it to bed. Don’t let the past failures hold back what could be an incredible future.

A Chance

This is the most important gift you can give yourself this year. To give yourself a chance means to take a chance. Take that all-important first step in the direction you’ve always wanted to go. And see where it might lead you. For all you know, the second and third steps may come easier for you. For millions of Americans, this last year was their opportunity to alter their career trajectory and chase the dreams they’ve always had. You should do the same, as this gift may be the most precious of all.

With your accumulated wisdom and experience, you already know that the gift-giving of material things isn’t the most meaningful of all gestures. When we give a part of ourselves to others with our love, support, and care, that’s the real gift. This year, we’re asking you to do this for yourself. Do it because you’re worth it.

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Give yourself a meaningful gift, and you may be reaping the rewards for years and years to come.

Dec 21, 2021