Why It’s Never Too Late to Try

As 2021 draws to a close, we once again turn our attention to a new year. January is always a time of new possibilities, resolutions, and opportunities. That is, for those who take an interest in believing that their best days aren’t over at all but lie just ahead. Did you know that it’s never too late to try?


I’d like to begin with a story of a late bloomer in life. A man who, today, is quite well-known in the franchising world. Before he hit the proverbial big time, he had a checkered career of many talents. He worked the land as a farmer, worked in public transportation, served as a firefighter, and for a time even sold insurance door-to-door.

At the age of 40, he was the owner and operator of a modest filling station and auto repair shop. But what went on inside the garage would have little to do with how he’s remembered today. As it turns out, the fresh food he offered his customers became so wildly successful, he had to open a full-time diner across the street just to accommodate demand. In 1962, he used franchising to replicate his business model (and secret recipe) across the country, becoming an honorary “Colonel” along the way. It was the beginning of Harland Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken. Today, it ranks among the most popular franchise operations in history.

Using this example, what has your career experience been so far? Whether you realize it or not, you’ve been amassing a lot of life experience along the way. Not to mention the hundreds—if not thousands—of networked connections you’ve made during your journey.

Another advantage for many of us who have reached a certain age of experience and wisdom—your passions in life may be evident at this point. If you know what makes you happy, and what you really want to do with your career, you can point yourself in the right direction. Getting there is the hard part.

Hopefully, you’re much more financially secure than you were 20 years ago. And that puts you in a better position to investigate the world of startups, entrepreneurship, and franchise ownership—of which there are thousands of business concepts to choose from.

Lastly, you’ve likely collected enough life experiences to manage a host of new challenges. Having failed at something before—even miserably—can be advantageous when you’re exploring a career transition. Heck, just knowing that it’s OK to fail is half the battle. Achieving this state of mind means that you’ve reached a degree of self-confidence in your ability to try something different.

When we once again become the younger version of ourselves—still full of wonder and imagination—we allow ourselves to consider what’s possible all over again. After all, nobody ever put an age limit on success. Believe it or not, you’re still capable of achieving your dreams. All you have to do is try.

If you’ve been inspired by this blog post and wish to have an exploratory discussion about your future in 2022, FranNet of DFW & Oklahoma can introduce you to a world of possibilities through franchise ownership. Together, we can investigate the proven business models of concepts that perfectly align with your lifestyle and financial goals. And it won’t cost you a dime, as all of our consultation services are no-cost and no-obligation.

Our message to you is this—it’s never too late to try. Go ahead, reach out and schedule an initial visit with us today. There could be a whole new you for 2022!

Dec 7, 2021