Thriving through Covid: Ryan Kinsley – Monster Tree Service Owner


Ryan Kinsley and his wife, Michelle, always envisioned owning a business of their own. The journey to get there took them to a new city (Athens, GA) where they bought a house, welcomed their first child, and—with a little bit of help from FranNet—became owners of a Monster Tree Service franchise. And here’s the kicker—they accomplished all of this in just four months! They’re another example of people in the franchising industry who are thriving through Covid. Below are a few inspirational thoughts they’d like to share…

On His Career Transition:

“I was working for the government and we lived in a little, one-bedroom apartment. We were expecting our first child I was beginning to get a little burned out on the job. I don’t have a business background, but I started looking into franchising because I knew I’d have guidance in running my business. I read about 10 books on franchising and reached out to FranNet.”

How He Found His Perfect Franchise:

“Nine out of 10 people think franchising means Chick-fil-A, but I read up on the vast amount of franchise concepts out there. We ended up working with Leslie Kuban of FranNet. She helped us go through our assessments and presented three concepts that matched up with our strengths and goals. Monster Tree Service stood out to me—I loved the presentation and my grandfather was a forester. The business model checked all of the boxes and once I went up to our Discovery Day, that was it—and here I am!”

Covid Hits:

“When the first shutdown hit in March, sure I was scared. My employees came to me and they were nervous about their jobs. We didn’t panic, just took it day by day. But—here we are six months later and we’ve got three times the amount of leads compared to last year. The demand increased to the point where we had to add a second truck and crew. This pandemic has affected everybody, some good and some bad. For me, I was pleasantly surprised. I chalk it up to more people being stuck at home. They look out the window and think, ‘I need to get my trees trimmed.’ I’ve been very fortunate and we count our blessings every day.”

His Advice on Franchising:

“People should ask if running a business of their own is something they really want to do. It’s not only a full-time job but a lifestyle choice. The flexibility of managing your own schedule is awesome. But I’m constantly thinking ahead, too. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a lot of work. I think people should reach out and talk to those who’ve made the decision and committed themselves to franchising. Validation calls are an immense help. If you have a bad day or you’re worried about things in general, talking to someone who’s walked in your shoes is a relief.”

On Working with FranNet:

“One benefit that stands out is that our FranNet representative knew the geography of the area, the economy of the region, and other things specific to my territory. My wife and I never felt pressured during the process. The choice we finally made and the timing of our decision was completely up to us. Working with FranNet really helps to streamline the process when you’re making the big decision to buy a business through franchising.”


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Nov 3, 2020