5 Businesses to Start Now


The unwavering negative news about COVID-19, the economy, political unrest can make it hard to imagine there is any good news out there. Particularly for small businesses. 

But there is…. 

Aspiring business owners engaged in franchise opportunity research right now have the unique benefit of learning how current franchise owners are faring this unprecedented year. They are getting real-time information directly from the source. Interestingly, some businesses are having their best year ever

Here are five industries, all with resilient franchise brands, where you will find success – right now – should you choose to look:

  • Commercial Sanitation
  • Home Improvement / Home Services
  • Pet Care
  • Signage Manufacturing
  • Healthfood 

Curious to know more? Watch this short episode of “The Daily Huddle.” Vistage Chair and Entrepreneur, Saurel Quettan, and I chat about “Why Consider Franchising to Pivot in COVID and Beyond.” (Jump to minute 9:40 for the gist). 

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Aug 8, 2020