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Grow your Franchise System with FranNet

FranNet: Nationally Recognized Leaders in Franchise Consulting As an emerging or established franchise brand looking to build a foundation for success, you’ll want to align with expert franchise consultants who can help you grow. At FranNet, we believe we’re at the top. For over three decades, we’ve risen to become the most trusted name in [...]

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3 Scary Stories from the World of Franchising

On the eve of Halloween, let's all gather round by the fire (or glow from the screen) and exchange some scary stories inspired by the world of franchising. We at FranNet love to espouse the benefits of franchising and there are a lot of advantages, but in the spirit of Halloween, we’re going to take [...]

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5 Things to be Thankful for When You’re a Canadian Franchisee

It’s almost Thanksgiving and that means it’s time to recount what you are thankful for. Of course there is a lot to be thankful for if you live in Canada. Our way of life here and standard of living makes residing in Canada something to be thankful for in and of itself. While most people, [...]

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What’s HOT in franchising and why?

Like all industries, there are trends in franchising, but unlike other industries, franchising basically covers every single industry out there. With that in mind, we take a look at what industry trends are hot in franchising in Canada this year. Going Green As climate change continues to be the defining crisis of our time, more [...]

How do I find the right franchise for me?

When trying to find the right franchise for yourself, there are a few different ways you can do it. Probably the most fun way of choosing a franchise is to gather the 10 franchise logos you like the best and then put them on a board and throw a dart at them. (Note that this [...]

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Franchising vs Licensing: What is the Difference?

When deciding to open a business using an already established brand, you may have heard people talk about franchising and licensing. There is a difference between these two business models, but what exactly is that difference? Let’s take a look. On the most basic level, the difference between a franchise and a license is the [...]

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On March 21st We Are Celebrating the Nation’s #1 Small Business Assistance Network, SBDCs

FranNet is proud to announce that we have pledged our support in promoting America’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) and SBDC Day on March 21, 2018 as an SBDC Day Ambassador. Businesses have always celebrated ribbon cuttings, grand openings and company anniversaries, and for a second year they’ll be able to celebrate the people who [...]

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How to Navigate a Franchise Renewal Agreement

Franchise renewals have many things to consider. For one, the market might be drastically different then when the initial franchise agreement was signed. Neither the franchisee nor the franchisor should enter into the renewal blindly. Both parties should plan accordingly so the negotiations go smoothly. Renewal Right There are multiple franchise renewal options that can [...]

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Transforming New Year Resolutions into Business Goals

The year 2018 is fast approaching, and it is prudent to thoroughly reflect on the strides your business has made over the past year. The new year entails a flurry of activities as small enterprises usher in the first quarter of the year. Just as you make resolutions for your personal life, extend some to [...]

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A Holiday Post of Thanks

As we move toward Christmas and the New Year, we'd like to wish all those we've done business with or come into contact with the best of holidays with family and friends. We are especially thankful for the many franchise opportunities we have been able to participate in and offer this year. Opportunity is built [...]

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