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Professionals Recommended in Your Search for Franchise Opportunities

Every professional athlete has at least one coach; often they have several coaches, each with a specialized area of skill and focus, so that the combined coaching enables the elite athlete to achieve and maintain high levels of performance. Well when done right, being in business should be different – good coaches come in many [...]

Guiding your business in the right direction can sometimes be difficult.

Here are some tips on guiding your business from other successful entrepreneurs Making the right decisions for your start-up during tough times is easier if you have a "North Star" to guide you, writes Chris Golec, founder and CEO of Demandbase. In his blog article on he stated "One of the most important things [...]

Overview – How to Conduct Effective Franchise Research

You are about to enter into a task of researching business opportunities, where the outcome will likely have a profound impact on your future. Some people enter into this research process and realize that entrepreneurship isn’t right for them, or at least not just yet, and so continue with their corporate career paths. Many others though proceed to buy [...]

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107 Questions For Franchisors and Franchisee

Purchasing a franchise is a major investment decision and not every franchise will be right for every individual. The following list of questions that FranNet and the CFA recommend you should ask, if you are considering purchasing a franchise.   I . THE FRANCHISOR - IDENTITY & EXPERIENCE Who are the shareholders of the franchisor? [...]

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Finding YOUR Business : Proper Search Methodology

      Following the Proper Search Methodology Looking for the right business takes a significant amount of time and effort; and unfortunately, too many people select a business for the wrong reasons, which only compounds the risk of failure. The typical (and very risky) way to find a business: When most people start to [...]

Buying a Franchise – Separating the Strong from the Weak!

A key factor to success is to first isolate strong franchise systems from weak ones, and then only focus your search on partnering with a strong franchisor. So let’s look at typical traits of both “strong” and “weak” franchises: Characteristics of Weaker Franchise Systems: either the franchisor has not sufficiently proven their business model, or [...]

5 Ways to Become an Entrepreneur

Consider these 5 Ways to Become an Entrepreneur when considering self-employment Starting from scratch Multi-Level Marketing Buying a franchise Buying an existing business Conversion Franchising – a Hybrid Strategy It is important to identify your ideal business model by considering the following: What drives your passion? To be self-employed, you really have to be passionate [...]

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