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The Top Six Things That Might Kill Your Franchise

As we get settled into the new year, everyone has either cast aside their resolutions already (we hope not), are still sticking with them, or are still trying to get them set.  If you're the latter, we'd like to help you add some resolutions to your new business search. FranNet presents the top six things that will kill [...]

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An Additional Informational Article on Franchise Takes the Café Concept on the Road

Mobile franchises have been on the rise in the recent years thanks to their numerous perceived benefits. Low startup costs, flexible hours and increased exposure are just a few of the reasons that opportunity is rapidly growing in this sector of franchising. However, I would personally recommend a significant amount of research before even considering [...]

What You Need to Consider When Investing in a Business Consulting Franchise

  Business consulting franchises provide consulting services to businesses on various topics including advertising/marketing, sales training and executive coaching, just to name a few. Franchisors in this category often have a good “toolbox of solutions”, which gives you plenty of flexibility when deciding on the best strategies to grow your client's business and helps you [...]

Do I Need a Blog? Yes, You Need a Blog.

This week’s blog covers a topic we at FranNet feel very dearly about. It’s a question really. Do I need a blog? Yes, you need a blog. And you’re reading this on our very own example. See the logic? Moreover, you’re reading about the logic—and that’s exactly the point. Blogs are a form of communication which places the power of your information at the fingertips [...]

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Canada’s Franchise Expert Weighs in on Opportunities in the Franchise Industry for Young Entrepreneurs with The Globe and Mail

  Gary Prenevost, Canada’s Franchise Expert, spoke with The Globe and Mail about the benefits and challenges of investing in a franchise as a young entrepreneur “We see it as a shifting trend (young people buying franchises),” Mr. Prenevost says. “After four years of university, people are graduating with MBAs, expecting to ‘pick and choose’ [...]