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Become Your Own Boss After Years in the Corporate World

Can you really own a franchise after being in the corporate world for so long? The answer is yes, however, you’re the only one standing in the way of believing that’s possible. Spending years in the corporate world doesn’t have to derail the dream of becoming your own boss. On the contrary, your previous experiences and knowledge [...]

A World of Screens

In today’s world, the essentials that get you through the day are your smart phone, tablet and laptop complete with all the apps. The way we interact and communicate is changing, especially when it comes to the work place and franchising. Here’s how. Computers In 1991, a computer programmer named Tim Berners-Lee introduced the World Wide Web and created the [...]

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From a Life of Suits to Custom T-Shirts — Local Entrepreneur Keeps Community Smiling with Big Frog Franchise

After 27 years of running from plane to plane, moving through five different major corporations and six different cities in roles including Vice President Human Resources, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Region Vice President, Executive Vice President, President and CEO, Tim Campbell decided he had enough of the corporate world. Today, he is the owner of [...]

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A Checklist for Better Decision Making

Whether you are a franchise business owner or an entrepreneur, the choices you make each day will have a huge impact on yourself and others. Make sure the choices you make are the right ones with this quick checklist. Your weakest link needs to go Yes, you need to have sound judgment and lead with [...]

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You Found a Franchise to Investigate – Now What?

  You’ve chosen the franchises that you want to investigate – congratulations – the easy part is over… now what? There are three phases to detailed franchise research, “Franchisor Discussions”, “Validation” (speaking with existing franchisees), and “Discovery/Confirmation”. It is important to progress through these phases in chronological order   Phase 1 – Franchisor Discussions: (duration [...]

Franchise Consultant Dave Broughton Facilitates Successful Business Ownerships

Welcome to our monthly series “Meet Our Consultants,” where we’re putting the spotlight on our local franchise matchmaking experts. These franchise specialists work with individuals every day that are interested, considering or ready to become business owners. Let’s meet …  Dave Broughton, Franchise Consultant with FranNet of South-Western Ontario Q: How long have you been with [...]

Family Owned and Operated

Have you ever thrown around the idea of hiring your kids or running a family business with your loved ones? Perhaps you’re interested in owning a business that you’ll be able to pass down to your children. Or maybe your son or daughter is about to graduate college and you’d like to have a family [...]

Entrepreneur Finds Success in Local Shelving Solutions Franchise

Greg Billson opens ShelfGenie of Alberta, discovers business ownership Greg Billson’s career spanned more than 30 years in the IT industry. Clients today know him as the owner of ShelfGenie of Alberta, a specialized resource for custom designed, built and installed shelving solutions. Having opened in mid-March 2014, ShelfGenie of Alberta was the business ownership opportunity Billson had [...]

Millennials: Let’s Get It All On The Table

It’s hit and miss, but generally “millennials” are born somewhere between 1982 and the early 2000's. The exact dates are not set in stone, but what does seem constant are the words used to describe this young group of individuals: lazy, narcissists, living with their parents, incapable of following rules, unemployed, unprepared and (here’s a [...]

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From Wanting His Own Business to Area Director – Ambition Was All It Took

Steve Dill is the area director and owner of Elements MassageTM in the San Francisco Bay Area, a massage company that provides medically proven therapeutic massages to support individual’s overall health and wellness. Dill’s store opened August 2012 and he took ownership in November 2013 and is located at 308 W El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087. [...]

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