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Happy New Year!

As I sat on the plane on December 24thfrom Cape Town home to Toronto I was reflecting on the blessings in my life, and those blessings include each of you... At this time of year most of us reflect on our own families and the people we love; I’m deeply appreciative of them and really [...]

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Redefine the Line: A Look at Comfort Zones

The origin of the term “comfort zone” is a tricky one, mostly because we all have a personal definition and understanding of what it means. But when it comes to performance, it’s relatively straightforward: the comfort zone is a behavioral state in which a person operates in an anxiety-neutral condition, using a limited set of [...]

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How a Franchise Consultant Can Kick Start Your Business

If you’ve been considering starting a franchise business for any length of time, you’re likely already familiar with the vast array of franchises that are available out there. You’re also likely aware that starting your own franchise involves a pretty significant investment. While investing in the right franchise can pay huge dividends, investing in one [...]

Burned Out Bummed and Bored

No go ahead, you can admit it. You aren’t the only one and you definitely aren’t the last. In fact, this could happen to you multiple times and in several different phases of life. It’s the unfortunate case of the burnouts. Whether you are overwhelmed, overworked or just bummed, the constant demand of work can [...]

The Importance of Business Culture When You Own a Franchise

Behind every successful business is a creator, or in the case of this article, a franchisor that poured over the details and intricacies of his/her product or service and polished it to perfection. The efforts of the franchisor have culminated in a winning business and they are interested in selling it to other like-minded individuals [...]

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All About Fees – Understanding Your Expenses for Your Franchise Business

Like any other type of business, starting a franchise comes with a number of expenses that must be paid by the business owner. These include some costs that are common to all businesses as well as fees that are specific to the franchise world. When you are trying to understand the fees related to your [...]

Mistakes New Franchise Business Owners Make

Whenever you try anything new, it’s only natural to expect a certain amount of trial and error. Mistakes are a part of the learning process and new franchise business owners can expect to make their share. Nevertheless, a little knowledge is power and if you know some of the more common mistakes, you’ll be less [...]

Is this franchise right for me? Signs it may not be.

As a prospective franchise owner, you will have the opportunity to review a wide assortment of franchise opportunities. You may be introduced to a company you have never even heard of before and find that it is the ideal fit as your step out into the world of entrepreneurship. Or you may investigate further into [...]

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Location, location, location!

The phenomenon of social media continues to creep into our daily lives. Whether you’re looking at a business advertisement, a television show or your favorite website, the social media widget is omniscient.   Curated from Tweeting Your Franchise to Prominence Let’s say that you’re well on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur by this [...]

Franchise Red Flags ? Why a Particular Franchise in Canada Might Not be a Good Fit for You

There are many great franchise opportunities in Canada. If you’ve already taken the time to do a self-assessment and explore some of the businesses out there, you may even have a good idea of what sort of business you’re looking to invest in. However, even if you find a Canadian franchise in exactly the sector [...]