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FranNet Client Bill of Rights – # 8 You May Freely Associate

In May of this year, FranNet led the industry with the creation a Client Bill of Rights. While these rights have always been intuitive to us, we took the important step of documenting this standard we set for our clients because respecting your best interests is always our priority. Today we focus on FranNet Bill [...]

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FranNet Bill of Rights – # 5 Accountability: Yours and Ours

As we’ve mentioned in this space before, we’re awfully proud of our FranNet Client Bill of Rights. So much so that we’ve dedicated a full blog to each one of them. And today, we’re officially halfway down the list with # 5. The official working title of FranNet Bill of Right # 5 is Accountability: [...]

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FranNet Bill of Rights # 4 – FranNet Will Actively Listen to Your Preferences

According to the meteorological seasons, summer is now officially half over. As we roll on, it’s time to discuss another of FranNet’s Bill of Rights. Of the 10 total, we’re now on # 4. The fourth FranNet Bill of Rights has everything to do with you, personally. Especially your preferences. During our initial consultations, we want [...]

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FranNet Bill of Rights – # 3 FranNet Will Not Pressure You

Think back a couple of decades with us, if you will. The Internet hadn’t quite caught on yet and cell phones were virtually nonexistent. In this period of the Dark Ages, it was time to make a trip to the car dealership to upgrade your transportation. It’s all coming back now, isn’t it? As soon [...]

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Franchising: A Proactive Retirement Plan

People make a conscious decision to join the world of franchising for many reasons, but all have a common goal—to take charge of their own financial future. And sometimes, one of the driving forces behind this rationale has to do with retirement savings. During today’s edition of FranNet’s blog, we’re going to look at the [...]

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FranNet Bill of Rights: No. 1 – Is Franchise Ownership Right for You? 

Back in May, we introduced a new initiative that speaks to the core of who we are as a company. We’ve aptly named it FranNet's Client Bill of Rights and we’ve now fine-tuned them for their close-up. The Rights are directed to each and every budding entrepreneur out there who has ever dreamed about owning [...]

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FranNet Bill of Rights Closeup: Working in Your Best Interest

This week, we introduced you to the new FranNet Client Bill of Rights. We hold these tenets dear enough to devote an entire blog column to each one of the rights. The first bill of rights, if history has taught us anything at all, is an all-important revelation into the tone of all combined rights. [...]

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Introducing FranNet’s Client Bill of Rights

Welcome to the month of May—and do we have a treat for you. FranNet has begun a new initiative, specifically with you in mind. We call it our FranNet Client Bill of Rights. Each of our qualified FranNet consultants has signed off on this important piece of company legislation and we can’t wait to introduce [...]

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